The Service for FREE SPEECH Will be Held Tomorrow


The service for FREE SPEECH will be held tomorrow in the Chapel on campus. Although the Chapel is a building held in disdain by many professors and students, it was the only place that would allow her service to be held. 

FREE SPEECH was born several millennia ago in Athens, Greece at the Socratic School. There she was taught about forming cohesive and logical arguments and debating them with others. She spent her early years on Mars Hill where for centuries men with different philosophical ideas shared their thoughts. Even the Apostle Paul went to Mars Hill to share his beliefs on the invisible God whom the Athenians worshipped. 

After several centuries FREE SPEECH decided she wanted to travel the world. She tried to be admitted to many different countries but she was not allowed in because of the danger she posed to the minds of their citizens. Almost all of the countries that allowed her in eventually treated her badly. She was imprisoned from time to time because various emperors, kings and dictators hated her ideas and wanted to silence her.

She found a friend in the United States in the 1700’s and came to spend much of her time there. She was healthy and strong until the late 1980’s when she contracted the virus Unpopularity. She thought this virus was benign but it actually opened her immune system up to another more virulent virus called Political Correctness. That virus turned out to be malignant and though it didn’t kill her immediately, she was in ill health after contracting it.

Due to her illness, she was rarely seen on campus after the turn of the 21st Century and few professors or students knew she actually existed. She lived in a back room at the library where she had been exiled by those in Academia. Because so few people came in to read and study, she was seen only rarely by a handful of students. Those that did know of her existence were afraid to talk about her for fear of reprisals.

She died quietly on campus one day when Political Correctness placed a small amount Group Think in her water glass. No one noticed she had expired as she had not been out of the library for well over a decade. When we heard of her demise, we sent in a Pathologist to confirm our suspicions. He was able to make a positive ID on her and so we have decided to hold a memorial in her honor.

She is survived by her first cousins: INDEPENDENT THOUGHT and  CRITICAL THINKING. Other close relatives include: ROBUST DEBATE AND INTELLECTUAL INQUIRY. Her best friend LADY LIBERTY will conduct the service and her husband COURAGE will speak on her behalf.

In lieu of flowers, those who knew FREE SPEECH believe her preference would be for each of you to go to a library and read a book of your choice (yes, even a Bible if you want to) and share the ideas you’ve learned with someone.

There will be plenty of parking behind the Chapel as only a few on campus knew she existed at all and will be attending. She will not be missed by many at the college as she was always a thorn in the sides of her professors and most students were afraid to associate with her. 

Hope to see you tomorrow!

30 thoughts on “The Service for FREE SPEECH Will be Held Tomorrow

  1. This is too sad to “like” mostly because it has truth in it. I think they murdered her close friend Civil Discourse a long time ago but no one noticed and she is now buried in an unmarked grave…

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  2. Wow, very sobering. Funny how most of this was done in secret and/or so slowly over time that those who might have protested fiercely didn’t. Although political correctness did seem to be somewhat benign at the time, we see now that it wasn’t at all. Very poignant post. Thank you.

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      • Also, I believe that if people really knew how free speech was suppressed on campus, they may quit contributing money to the colleges. Plus, if we don’t send our children to colleges where free speech is suppressed, it will make an impact. Money speaks volumes to those on the boards!

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      • Very true. I definitely exercise my right to free speech when I feel the need to speak out. I tend to think many people today know that free speech has been severely limited on campuses, since there have been some very public cases about it. But I think there are just as many (mostly liberals) who think they still have free speech, as their point of view is still accepted and they don’t seem to be limited at all in expressing it. 😦

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      • Absolutely! Those who started this movement knew exactly who to target. College students above almost everyone else seem to have the belief that they know more than all those who have gone on before them and they will fight tooth and nail to have things changed to the way they think they should be. Only to find out later in life they were dead wrong, but the damage has already been done. The disease that killed free speech and Lady Liberty is systemic in our society, because it is systemic within each human being. It is the darkness of soul that is self-serving and self-focused above all else. And without Christ, there is no hope.

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  3. Yes, free speech has been dying a slow death. I wouldn’t say she is totally dead yet, as we are still able to write what we write on the internet, but I don’t believe that will last for long, not the way the world is going right now. I think the “masks” are a symbol of the silencing of us all, and a symbol of us all becoming as one, all looking, believing and talking the same, too. This is where this is all headed to where we can’t have independent thoughts, and to where we won’t be able to share our beliefs, either. I believe Christian persecution is on the rise in the USA. Thanks, Valerie. I enjoyed this read.

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