Valerie Cullers was born to an Italian mother and an American father who were married in Tripoli, Libya after the Second World War. As a child she knew there was more to this world than the small town she grew up in. She was an avid reader and seeker of truth and thought she knew the truth until she was in her late teens and realized it was not so. She began her search for the truth in college and it took her down some blind alleys, dead ends and a few dark paths. She finally discovered the One who could save her soul and give her the peace she had been searching for. She has spent most of her adult life sharing that truth with women and helping them get to know the One who made such a difference in her life.

She is a writer, speaker and author living near Boise, Idaho. She currently serves  as a Speaker Trainer for the ministry she works with. Looking at the current state of the culture has made her want to be a peacemaker in the midst of a divisive society. She is the author of the Bible Study, “Psalm One for Women on the Run, and “The Unwelcome Stranger,” a historical novella set in the early fourth century. The sequel, “The Road to Ravenna” has just been released.




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