Hyenas are Easy to Hate


Have you ever watched one of the National Geographic specials on television about the Serengeti? Especially beautiful are the migrations of the gazelles and zebras as they cross the plains. If you look closely though, following them in the tall grass are the hyenas. I watch them with horror as I see the packs get into position to attack one of the weak or the young of the herd. At that point, I can’t watch the program any longer, I really can’t. I turn the television off because I am so angry at the hyenas. If there ever was an animal that is easy to hate, it is the hyena.

As I watched the demonstrations in the last few weeks, I noticed the hyenas at the edge of the crowds. I knew instinctively that there would be trouble as they tried to take advantage of an already volatile situation. And true to form, they looted businesses, burned buildings and beat innocent individuals, some of them even to death.ย  I grew angry as I watched them throw Molotov cocktails and destroy what it took people years to build. My anger continued towards them and my heart became hard when I thought of them. There was no love for them in my heart at all.

As I was thinking about them and the destruction they left in their wake, the Lord convicted me of my attitude. He doesn’t want me to have hate in my heart, even for those who hurt and destroy other people’s lives. Of all the crazy things, He wants me to have His kind of love for them, Agape Love. Agape Love is a love that loves unconditionally no matter what someone has done. He wants me to pray for them and pray they will see the error of their ways and turn their lives around. If that’s not enough, He even wants me to pray a blessing on their lives.

So, I have begun to pray for them because I don’t want hate to get a foothold in my heart. At first it was difficult, but as the days have gone by, it is getting easier and easier to pray for them. I haven’t been able to pray that God would bless them yet, but my heart is getting softer and even that doesn’t seem like such a stretch any longer.

I don’t know how you feel about hyenas, but if you are struggling with anger and a bunch of negative emotions, talk to the Father of Lights about it. He will give you His Agape Love. It will fill your hearts and you will find your attitudes changing. In the end, only Love will change the day; not force, not violence but God’s love producing goodwill in our hearts towards all men.

18 thoughts on “Hyenas are Easy to Hate

  1. That is an excellent association Valerie and I immediately identified with the connection. And you’re right about all of the hatred aspect too. If Jesus could ask our Father to forgive those who had facilitated His crucification, that pretty well gets rid of any resistance on our part doesn’t it? Definitely not easy but then Jesus told us that He wouldn’t leave us orphans didn’t He? We’re talking about where the rubber hits the road here, definitely not a milk menu. Blessings Valerie, keep me in your prayers, I’m doing likewise.

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  2. Firstly, those ‘words of Jesus’ suddenly appeared about a century after Jesus had left. It wasn’t in earlier documents. So, who had put it there? There were more such alterations.

    Jesus could forgive sin, yes.

    Jesus is the Creator.

    The Jesus who said: “before Abraham was, I AM.” The same Jesus is called Everlasting Father in Isaiah 9v6.

    I am a son of Africa and I can’t watch the brutality of nature. Furry, purry cheetahs turn savage so easily. Hyenas are just terrible and I had some encounters with them in the wild. I wouldn’t want one, Jesus or no Jesus. Just as I won’t want woke people destroying the world, the hyeanas of society.

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      • I studied for 13 years how the NT was compiled. In 2007/8, Jesus appeared to me until I understood really Who He is, then He followed up with (original) Scriptures.

        I deem anyone going against His order, His Kingdom as the Antichrist. I am outspoken and forthright without trying to be rude. Where that fine line is, I don’t know. I just had a lifetime of woke atheist communist crap, violence, destruction, anarchy, rioting, by all who feel victimised but really imprisoned in their own tiny minds. Opinions aren’t facts and I have no use for opinion. So I fairly easy see what’s up around me.

        Jesus said there are people He didn’t want to forgive. The hooded monks changed that. I follow Jesus, not those robes.

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  3. I understand where you’re coming from and agree it’s hard to watch any wild animal stalking out its prey but guess the main difference between humans and hyenas is that hyenas need to kill to survive. We don’t. Humans behave atrociously at times for no reason other than because we think we have that right.

    You’re right though in that you can see the few troublemakers at demonstrations stalking, circling and getting ready to be the select few that let down everyone else and do so much more harm to the cause.

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  4. Well said, friend. We have to leave the avenging and judgment to the Lord and pray for their souls ,even though it’s hard. Some of the things that are being said by angry people are hard to hear, but God can get through to them.

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  5. Very understandable Val. That type of aggression does not appear to be part of the food chain process either. Not watching anymore is a good decision. I was told by a dear one that manโ€™s errors have fallen on all of lifeโ€™s kingdoms and phylums.๐Ÿค”

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