This Play Should Have Closed After Opening Night!


For almost two and a half years, I have watched the political drama playing out in our nation’s capital. Instead of focusing on our country’s problems, our representatives in Washington have spent their time shooting volleys at each other across the aisle. Our elected officials should be trying to find solutions for the problems that plague us as a society but sadly they are not. These political players don’t seem to understand that Americans elected them with the hope that they would do something constructive while they are on the job, supposedly serving their constituents. If they worked in the private sector, they would all have been fired long ago for their ineptitude and inability to get anything accomplished.

The rent is paid on the theater and the actors in this drama continue to get their salaries whether anyone is sitting in the seats or not. Let’s hope they wake up and see that the only ones watching their spectacle are the stagehands and the media sycophants hanging around the dressing rooms. Sadly, the audience has long since left the building and is looking elsewhere for solutions. If this political production had opened on Broadway, it would have closed months ago and the actors would be looking for work elsewhere. If only…

24 thoughts on “This Play Should Have Closed After Opening Night!

  1. Wow! Spoken with such artistry. Sadly, it is very true. What a sad mess our leaders have made of our country’s time, people and money. May we remember to pray for our leaders more. Thank you, Valerie for this message of truth. No name calling. Just truth. Bless you!

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  2. I now think the best qualification for elective office is never to have held that office and better yet never to have held any office. Politicians like white shirts, are best when new.

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    • Absolutely! Term limits is one of the answers. It would keep politicians from always playing to their base. Next, we would need to kick the lobbyists out of the mix as a lot of them are former politicians. It is an endless cycle and the sad part of it is the taxpayers are paying for it! Thanks for you input!

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