The Blogger’s Bible


I’ve noticed a few of my recent followers are newbies to the Blogging Community.  I could write a post and tell you what I have learned about blogging, but most of what I have learned, I learned from Kristen Lamb in her book “Rise of the Machines.” I highly recommend it to any blogger or author who is making their foray into the world of social media. It is a great resource, not only for blogging but also for publishing. 

This week, my blog hit 500 follows. I want to thank everyone for the follows. God Bless! I have so enjoyed meeting you and reading your posts!


58 thoughts on “The Blogger’s Bible

  1. Congratulations Valerie! I have tried following you dozens of times and always get this message. If this is happening to other people, I’m sure you’d have way more!

    God bless you!

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  2. YOWZA, YOWZA! ORT, ORT, ORT, ORT, ORT! PRAISE YOU JESUS! HALLELUJAH! WACKA, WACKA. WACKA! PURR, PURR, PURR….I’m running out of congratulatory noises! 🙂 bless you for your faithfulness to God and this here community! ❤ –Jonathan


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