Perfectly Loving AND Just — Through Ink & Image

…is Our God. Blogging Note: My dear friends, it seems no matter how hard I try to return to blogging on a regular basis that it just isn’t possible at the present time. And so, I suspect that I will be posting briefly and periodically (but not as I did previously) until the time that […]

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11 thoughts on “Perfectly Loving AND Just — Through Ink & Image

  1. Blogging is tough. The net is tough. An often Anonymous or semi Anonymous hostile place. With Twitter and all These social Media Outlets… In the end God weighs all our words and in the net we Imagine to and partially possibly do receive more Attention than in real Life. There needs to be the Royal (tsarist) middle way of Input and Output. Online and offline comm. All of it. And we need the “full armor of God” as the gospel says and that only orthodox Christianity provides. While Protestant sectarisnism, Jesus only, easy believism .. are already part of the new world disorder , that paves the way to a one world Religion of ecumenism and the abolishion of all faith alltogether in the end. A materialist nightmare that ft Seraphim Rose and others wrote abt.

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  2. I hear ya! It’s so tough to find time for blogging and reading others posts..I hope to find a good balance but I also have to realize that I can’t do everything!! There’s just so many good bloggers and I’d love to read every post that comes my way but not gonna happen..ever..and I need to be accepting of that❤️

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