Lately, I have been thinking about how it feels to be invited or not invited to a specific function. We all know the feeling of wanting to go to some event but because we were not members of a particular corporation or private club we were not invited.

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Of course, on the other side of the coin are all the events we are invited to that we choose not to go to. This used to happen to us around graduation time. We would get several invitations to different ceremonies and their accompanying parties. We would then have to decide which to attend and which to decline.

Uninvited, Invited, Invited and Declined. That’s how it is in society.

It’s different with God, though. There is no one who is not invited to come into his house. Jesus said: “Come to me, ALL you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28. The invitation is for all, no one is excluded, period. This invitation can also be declined. It’s your choice.

Invited, Invited and Declined. That’s how it is with God.

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  1. My parents seem to have lost their Invitation… several times.. Anyway, I have Matthew 20,1-16 in print laying around. “the last will be first” They are in their mid 70s. I have talked to a friend a lot lateley about “saving” others… Remember Lots wife. Don`t turn around is another good counter advice as to not get lost yourself, while trying to save “the world”. Do not give that which is Holy to the dogs and do not caste your pearls before swine are further advice out Lord gave us to consider. Because the Holy is Him, the pearls are Him. He already is there visible to all of creation. (see Romans 1). So it is often our vainglory to go overboard in trying to save others while neglecting to strengthen our own faith. Via the Saints lifes, daily prayers, fasting (now Theotokos fast), and reading of edifying church fathers texts. While seeking communion. The sacraments as well as our brothers and sisters in Christ, who are struggling too in these Godless times (unemployment, poverty, persecution). What time is there left to waste … or even to care what Parties in the world we are not invited to? If we make ourselves worthy (in a humanly possible way of course) of his Body and Blood, the sacraments will even come to us. And that is the one Party that counts. His Party.

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    • You are so right! It is unsettling when our loved ones do not have Christ in their lives. The prayer I pray is “that God will make Himself real to them.” He is there at all times, they just have to reach out to him. Lifting them up to God in prayer!


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