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  1. The inclusion of St. Mary Magdalene in that list is odd, for all named references to her in the Bible are positive. The tradition that she was ever a prostitute is without foundation; it goes back to Pope St. Gregory I “the Great,” actually. The most negative statement about St. Mary Magdalene is that she had been a demoniac. Given the pre-scientific world view of Hellenistic cultures, that could easily mean anything from a physical disease to severe emotional distress, according to modern terminology.

    The stories of women anointing Jesus are interesting. Some version exists in each of the four Gospels. The woman is usually unnamed. She is St. Mary of Bethany in the Gospel of John. She is either a reformed prostitute or just very grateful. She anoints either the head or feet of Jesus. The anointing happened in Bethany, at the home of Simon the Pharisee, Simon, the leper, Sts. Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. Scholarly consensus holds that there were two anointings, and that the Johannine account is a composite of the two, with other elements added.

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  2. I identify much with Saul/Paul. Great sinners often became great vessels for God. (I still have my Work to do though.) Peters betrayal. It seems that only in later years the Saints lifes Drew only on the strength of their subjects. Whereas weakness is so dominant in all people. Especially those trying to Walk alone. How Abt Steven? Or Simon the magician? Good that church History die Not end with the book of acts. Looking at the Life of tsar martyr Nicholas and His Family. Saints John of Kronstadt and St Seraphim of Sarov. Such great examples. The new Martyrs and Confessors of holy Russia who were executed during the soviet Regime… Up to the late great hierarch of Rocor Met Philaret and the now shattered TOC ..clergy and laity.

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      • It was St Symeon the new theologean who Said that whoever fails to Connect to the latest of Saints in time, can Not Connect to those great earlier ones. See for exact quote on my Blog. So true. How to reach St Job without realizing and empathizing with St Nicholas II job as a nations Monarch , trying to keep the Country from falling into heresy and atheism…as an orthodox Christian autocrat.

        Or how to empathize with those First Christian communities… Without knowing Abt the latest persecutions.. on the downside.. basically all heresies from the early centuries trying to extingiush the true faith are again present today in the 26plus thousand Protestant “ideas”/sects.


  3. Oh Valerie, this is such a beautiful poem! And this is the story of every single one of us, in one form or another. Though we would rather gloss over our sins and zero in on others’ instead, the truth is, we embody elements of every sinner recorded in the Bible. One of my favorite prayers is the man who cried out in the Temple, “Oh God, have mercy on me a sinner!” (Luke 18:13) Thank you for your heart of humility. That is a breath of fresh air!

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