Tips to Deal With Life’s Floods — Confessions of a Type A Woman

My Sunday hike by the flooding Mississippi got me thinking. We all experience floods in our lives: unexpected situations which sweep through our lives, uprooting routine and confusing our plans. Sometimes all we can do is hold on, tread water… and pray. We can be flooded with fear, flooded with pain, even flooded with joy. […]

via Tips to Deal With Life’s Floods — Confessions of a Type A Woman

19 thoughts on “Tips to Deal With Life’s Floods — Confessions of a Type A Woman

  1. A friend of mine and I had been discussing the nature of men and women extensively…
    There is this amazing scene in “AD the Bible continues” with Mary Magdalene and Peter…
    She wants him to lead. And then she talks about the martyrdom of Steven and how the women openly cries and wept for all the world to see, while the men just put on their sad faces and stared at their shoes…
    The scene is split with Saul getting ready to persecute…
    Anyway Peter walks away from her and yells put all his pain…

    Such an emotional scene… Really floodgates of emotions!

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      • Yes our Hearts can and so deceive us all the time. However building Up Emoticons with No Release leads to Anger and all sorts of vices. I have had a bigger Fallout with my Godfather for this Reason. He Tries to live His Life by Reason alone without His Heart. Which is a poor Life and reflects badly in our faith. Brains are Overrated. The faith is simple. For every child to Understand. In the contrary many smart people Go lost.

        Btw in the Show the Peter and Paul/Saul scenes are quite good too. Powerful how God Chose His vessels.

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      • Your emphasis on salvation is sort of noticeable… As though you doubt your own salvation and seek others confirmation. There are those that are indifferent to God or even reject Him. That is not you. Then there are those that fear Him and out of a sense of duty try to act according to His laws. And then there are those that love him… try to reach this last category and you will feel a lot more safe!

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      • I do feel safe…I just want sinners to know they can come to Him and they will not be rejected. I want them to know He loves them! That is what I want. I write for those that don’t know Him.

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  2. See… You Said IT yourself. You write for xyz others. So there is a sense of duty. For God. Your conscience. You are Not Loving freely . Yet. With No boundaries. Without fear.

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