Need a new perspective on Ancient Greece? — Marilyn Yung

The Areopagus in Athens puts Ancient Greece in its proper perspective This morning, we walked through Athens to the Areopagus, the location of a judicial court, where Paul made his “To an Unknown God” sermon to the Athenians with—wait for it— the Acropolis in the background with its temples to Athena, Poseidon, Erechtheus and other […]

via Need a new perspective on Ancient Greece? — Marilyn Yung

13 thoughts on “Need a new perspective on Ancient Greece? — Marilyn Yung

  1. I have the book of Taylor Caldwell on the life of St. Luke, and at that time referred to the Greeks God as the unknown God. It is a fascinating book in Search of the faith and the welcoming within itself of God. This book comforts me in difficult times, like what I live today, and pacifies me, soothes me and strengthens my faith. I would like to one day still be able to go to Greece and walk these paths which for me refoeque God belongs to all of us indiscriminately. Beautiful post, Valerie, arrived in good time.

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    • So glad you liked the post! I loved reading that book also! God is the Great Physician and we pray He will continue to heal and restore you! Don’t give up…..keep looking up!


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