Sometimes Bad Advice is Worse Than No Advice at All.

For two weeks, I have been watching the birds on our patio. They have gone from this:

selective focus photography of two hatchling birds in nest

Photo by 42 North on

To this:

birds feed hunger nest

Photo by Pixabay on

The mother and father have been feeding them worms night and day and they have grown by leaps and bounds. They are almost ready to fledge. They’re standing on the side of the nest moving their wings up and down waiting for the day when they can fly on their own. 

Nutritionally, I can see that worms are actually a super food for birds…that’s for sure. But is that something I should be touting for humans? Not necessarily. You can eat worms if you desire but unless they are cultivated on a worm farm and clean, you might get parasites and some pretty bad germs from them.

Diets go in and out of fashion according to the fad of the day. For the past few months, it has been the Keto diet. Every ad seems to be touting it and people are sharing its benefits with others and recommending they try it.  I’m sure that the diet works for some but it may be unhealthy for others. Everyone has the responsibility to check out the efficacy of a diet before they go on it, but as we know, not everyone does their due diligence. 

Last week, I heard of a woman who overdid on the Keto diet. She ended up in the hospital with kidney failure. I was not surprised at the news as my father died from kidney failure. When your kidneys are failing, you must limit the amount of protein you take in. The woman may not have had healthy kidneys to begin with but she was unaware of that fact. 

I guess the moral here is that just because a diet works for some people and does them no harm does not necessarily mean it is right for everyone, especially yourself. I went on the Keto diet a few decades ago when it was called The Adkins Diet. I lost six pounds in three days and knew that something wasn’t quite right. It was not a good fit for me so I immediately went off of it. 

Fad diets come and go and eating trends change every few years. Remember gluten free? It was such a fad that thousands began eating gluten free when they didn’t need to. I’m sure many didn’t check out the downside of eating that way and the nutrients you miss if you leave certain grains completely out of your diet. Let’s be smart about fad diets and eating trends. Just because it is the latest trend does not mean it is necessarily good for us in the long run!

28 thoughts on “Sometimes Bad Advice is Worse Than No Advice at All.

  1. I have seen the keto diet up close – we did a study using keto diet in mice. It was a disaster for them. They became very thin (yes weight loss does occur) but also had kidney failure, heart failure, and liver disease. We determined that intermittent keto had the same positive anti-cancer effects without the dire side effects (2 days on 2 days off). I would never do keto without the supervision of a dietitian and a physician!

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  2. “Gluten free” is also a gimmick. I see those words on packages for food that would never have gluten anyway. The gimmick has become a joke. Yesterday, while driving near my home, I saw a sign at a car wash. The sign advertised the car wash as being gluten free.

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  3. One thing I hate about being gluten free is the fact that it did become a fad diet. The only reason I’m gluten free is because I have an autommune response to gluten which causes me to become depressed. When you go into a restaurant and tell the server that you have to avoid gluten they always ask, “Now is this an allergy?” I guess they will take more care with your order if you do have a sensitivity. I never did understand the whole fad of a gluten free diet. There’s actually more fat and sugar in gluten free processed foods, so I don’t eat a lot of processed foods. As far as missing nutrients, having Hashimoto’s disease already sets me up for having nutrient deficiencies. I’m sort of between a rock and a hard place. Thankfully I have God on my side. 🙂

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  4. I certainly wish people would do proper research into the latest diets before embarking on what could be a dangerous path. I’ve also noticed that expressing concern about a fad diet gets a not so nice response. Some don’t care about the health risks as long as they’re losing weight.

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  5. Thanks, Valerie, for that enlightenment on diets and nutrition. There are a lot of things I can’t eat that I would love to eat, and that is because I have a hiatal hernia and GERD. Many times I would start to feel better after removing certain foods from my diet only to return to those same foods with the same results. So, I have come to the conclusion that some foods I have to just consider poison for my body unless the Lord chooses to heal me so that I can tolerate more foods. But, when I do remove those foods from my diet, and I eat smaller servings, I do feel a whole lot better. I do feel healthier. So, not everything that tastes good is good. 🙂

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