The Fragrance of Life

Have you ever taken a long walk through a beautiful garden? There is really something spectacular about it as you twist and turn through the cultivated landscape. The fragrances along the way fill your senses. Add the over the top scenery of the place and it only adds to an otherworldly experience. Most times, I hesitate to leave such a place.

As I walk through the garden of my life, each friendship adds a different fragrance to the atmosphere around me. Each is one of a kind, unique and can never be duplicated. This past month two of my friends have been transplanted from their earthly garden to their heavenly one and I will miss them both.

One was like a peony, sharing her fragrance with all around her. You couldn’t be in the same room and not notice her. She was beautiful and had a lovely disposition. She stood out with her sense of fashion and platinum blonde hair. Lest one think she was coddled throughout life, her personal history informs us of a different story. She was rejected by her family at seventeen for being a single unwed mother. She was put on a plane and shuttled to a different state to have her baby. Feeling unwelcome, she did not return home for decades. She remained where she had been sent and got an education. She became a nurse and social worker. She was compassionate and non-judgmental; always willing to hear someone’s story and extend a helping hand. She exuded the fragrance of empathy that all partook of in her presence.

The other was more retiring. She was an introvert and was content to stay in the background. Her fragrance was released as she quietly assisted others. Her fragrance was also born of difficulty. Her husband died unexpectedly and she was left with three young children. She returned to school to become an educator and never married again. She was creative and had a knack for decorating the events she attended. She was like a delicate Morning Glory. One would have to sit near her to catch her fragrance but it had a rich sweetness that only those who took time to listen to her would be able to enjoy. She exuded the fragrance of selflessness; a fragrance that is only found in the rarified atmosphere of humility.

As I continue to walk through life, I will miss their fragrance. Each meeting and event won’t be quite the same without the addition of their unique scents. The air will never smell as sweet again and I look forward to the time when I take my first breath of heavenly air. I know I will breathe their scent again and my life will once again be enriched by their presence.

Photo by Jill Wellington. Courtesy of PIxabay.

27 thoughts on “The Fragrance of Life

  1. I loved this post!! I sensed your loss and also breathed in your
    friends’ fragrance. Funny, because the Lord was speaking to me about
    this very thing. We’re to be a sweet aroma to Him. I want to bloom more
    fragrantly in His garden.

    Thank you for this post, Valerie. Praying God wraps His arms of love
    around you!
    Erma πŸ™‚

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  2. How beautifully you have written about your two beloved friends! You will miss them and yet our wonderful Saviour gives you comfort and assurance in knowing they are in His presence where there is fullness of JOY for all eternity!


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  3. What a beautiful way to express a small memorial to your friends. Having recently felt the departure of a precious old friend (and gardens being a love of mine also) I could really identify with the concept. I think I’d maybe depict him as a daisy. Never showy, or drawing attention but always there, welcoming all, even if they stepped on him by mistake in their rush. His face always reflecting the sunshine even in the shadow.

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