A few weeks ago, my husband and I were watching a historical movie about WWII. The movie was going great and then Bam! Someone threw in a vulgar expletive. A while later, in an especially relevant part of the movie, the beginning of a sex scene between two men was flashed on the screen. When the movie ended, I asked my husband, “Why do they have to put that stuff in? After all, it is not relevant to the story.

I then remember listening to David Heavener about a month ago. He is an actor, writer and director who has been in Hollywood for over twenty years. He talked about how the writers are intentional about what they put into the scripts. There is nothing that they put in that is not purposeful to their aims. If they want to promote an agenda, you will find it in the script somewhere.

So then, I began thinking about many of the problems we are facing in our society today…how many of them are intentional?

The Border Crisis…Intentional.

High Gasoline Prices…Intentional.

Sexualization of our Children in Schools…Intentional.

Criminals Released on our Streets…Intentional.

Chaos in our Cities…Intentional

The list continues. One thing I don’t think is intentional is the high inflation that our government’s policies have caused. Let us not be naive as we wonder why so many things are happening in our society. The causes and subsequent effects of so many of the policies are intentional. You have to ask yourself why and behind the smoke and mirrors, you will find the answers.

Image by Intographics. Courtesy of Pixabay.

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