Voir Dire

Voir Dire, pronounced “vwah deer” is a French phrase that means “to tell the truth.” It is from the Latin and is primarily used in the practice of law when attorneys question jurors to determine their fitness to sit on a particular jury.

As believers in Jesus Christ, we are admonished to tell the truth. The Scriptures are full of references about the consequences of lying versus telling the truth. It should be a simple thing to tell the truth but it isn’t.

From the time we first learn to speak we must be taught to tell the truth, it does not come naturally. “Did you eat the cookie?” we are asked and we answer, “No.” All the while we have cookie crumbs on our faces as we finish chewing the last of the offending cookie. We grow older, “Did you hit your sister?” No,” and the bruise is fresh on her arm. “Why are you late from your date?” “The car ran out of gas.” Again, we face our parents with our hair askew and our clothes rumpled.

As we move towards adulthood, we are taught the art of social lying. “How are you today?” The inevitable “Fine” comes out of our mouths before we even process the question. I remember seeing a newborn that was lacking in beauty to say the least. The mother was basking in the praise being showered on her baby. I had to really work at saying something that was not a lie and yet did not hurt the mother. “He sure looks like his Daddy,” worked in that instance but it was hard to not lie outright.

Telling the truth takes work and practice. We must use wisdom when speaking in order to not hurt others. “Speak the truth in love,” we are admonished in Ephesians 4: 15. This is not an easy task. Ask any husband about what he says when his wife asks him about what she is wearing. My husband has developed dodging the question into an art form.

Not to make light of the subject, I find myself evaluating my answers many times. Did I tell the truth? Did I throw in something accidentally that wasn’t true? Did I exaggerate the situation? Did I hold back important information? It takes discipline and practice to learn to speak the truth. How are you at “voir dire?” Let our readers know of any tips you use in order to help you tell the truth. It is a difficult habit to develop.

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

7 thoughts on “Voir Dire

  1. Telling the truth can be a habit as surely as lying. I will embellish a story for entertainment value but not to obscure the facts – That’s what blogging has allowed me. In my interactions with others I try very hard to always be truthful. I worked with a couple big liars and they spent so much time trying to get their stories straight that it was comical… I’m lazy and telling the truth is a lot less work!

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  2. UGH this is so hard to know!! Because every situation, person and intentions are all different and varied and much of the time we don’t even know the full truth, we just think we do. Something wonderful to always keep in mind Val, as usual! Thank you!

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  3. Truth is a big subject. Two people can see something in very different ways. Something that helps me is trying to make a habit of seeing the positive in everything. I love to compliment people, especially if they are looking a bit down, to see them perk up and smile warms my heart too. There is always something good to say and when your heart is looking for it it slips out sincerely. It also helped my outlook too.

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