So this weekend, my husband and I sat down to watch some family-friendly Holiday movies. I was prepared to nonchalantly watch the movies not having to use my mind at all…strictly chill. To my surprise, I kept getting bombarded with PC messages in the movies and commercials. I mentioned this to some of my friends and they too noticed the same thing.

Gender Roles:  The commercials were full of men doing the laundry and taking care of the children. I have no problem with men doing laundry or taking care of children, but it is apparently not PC to show a woman doing these things in spite of the fact that most women still do the lion’s share of these tasks. 

Sexual Orientation: Sprinkled in a fair amount of the movies were gay married couples. I know gay married couples exist but the writers placed them in ever so carefully in several movies and commercials. They were explicit in their desire to mainstream the lifestyle and let us know how happy everyone is who lives this way.

The Chip: One person saw a cartoon explaining the chip. People had the chip placed in their hands and were able to buy and sell without having to use cash, checks or credit cards. It was portrayed as a positive change.

I have heard several people in the past say that we are being programmed but I haven’t particularly noticed it. This weekend it was beyond evident, it was totally obnoxious. Now, I know that a lot of social engineering is going on in our schools and in other arenas, and it is totally deliberate. This is also a deliberate attempt to passively program people to accept the current PC values and coming  societal changes while they are watching television.

Have you noticed it also? Tell me about it.

Image by Luis Wilker Perelo. Courtesy of Pixabay.

25 thoughts on “Programmed

  1. We started buying DVDs a long time ago, especially for the children because ads during movies on TV were full of values we didn’t share. Basics like the Barbie dolls were affecting our daughters attitude about her own body…and that was just from watching an ad for the doll. TV watching for us is limited to mostly antique shows. Movie night is far easier to chill with in our home, which is more than occasion.

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  2. My BIL has pointed this out numerous times. Sometimes I think he is right and other times I think he is trying too hard to find it… so yes it is there but not every instance is part of the “programming”.

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  3. yes I have noticed. Even talk to the wife there does not seem to be any tv shows anymore without a gay couple in them, does not matter if comedy or drama. I do not have an issue with gay people, I have several friends who are gay, but to have in every show??

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  4. I haven’t had a TV for over 10 years, but I like to watch DVDs. I did notice when I went to the cinema last year how incredibly contrived and strange the adverts before the film were. I only hear radio when working in the charity shop and the adverts are blatantly “programming” on there too. I find it all very alarming and well, what with the fiasco this year, found myself re-reading 1984 earlier this Spring! We need to pray and speak out and not propogate the dribble and lies!!

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  5. We have absolutely noticed the same things. Normalizing is not the same as accepting. I am willing to accept lifestyle choices but I resent the the fact that my heterosexual, monogamous married life is devalued in media. These do indeed feel like scary times and spiritual warfare. Thank you for sharing your honest observation.

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  6. Personally I think that it is important and about time that TV does start mainstreaming seemingly non convectional ways of life. Although I don’t watch much TV, from what I do see there are still plenty of heterosexual couples and women performing domestic tasks eg. However it is important that media can bring other things into the spotlight in order to reduce some of the internal biases which many people carry.

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    • Media can bring other things into the spotlight but I see it as social programming. When it is only men that do laundry or childcare, I have a bit of a problem the social engineering I see. Yes, men should do laundry and help with childcare, but all of them? The social programming is so obvious that it is off putting, if you know what I mean.


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