Democracy or Idiocracy?

The latest election is over and now we must live with the consequences of our choices. Some of the consequences will be good and others, not so much. Most of the pre-election coverage was on the presidential election, but we also voted for governors, mayors, and city councilmen.

We are impacted to a certain degree by the presidential election, but we are more personally impacted by the winners in the state and local races we have voted for. It is in these arenas that we must take a good hard look at what our votes did.

These democratically elected officials will either work for the common good or they will create an environment that most will find difficult to live in. For example, did we vote for city or county officials that will defund our police? That decision will make our city much less safe and we will be living in an Idiocracy.

“Idiocracy – government that is based on abstract theory.Β

Did we vote for district attorneys that will not require cash bail? Will the criminals be free to roam our streets? Will the shoplifters return to loot and pillage small businesses within ten dollars of the amount required for a felony? Again, we will live in an Idiocracy.

Did we vote in city and county officials that will not properly deal with the homeless problem? Will they allow the homeless to live on our sidewalks and not help them move to more humane conditions? Again, as we make our way past human waste on the way to work, we will know we are living in an Idiocracy.

We can complain all we want but in the end, the choice is ours and we have no one to blame but ourselves when we have poor leadership. So now what do we do if we are stuck with poor leadership and living in an Idiocracy for the next two or four years?

We must pay close attention to the decisions our local officials are making and refuse to vote them in again. It does not matter which party they represent, we must not continue to vote in poor leadership that will not look out for the common good.Β Democracy or Idiocracy? It’s easy to tell the difference.

Β “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when a wicked man rules, the people groan.” Proverbs 29:2

15 thoughts on “Democracy or Idiocracy?

  1. President Trump was shown ina vivid prophetic vision over a century as God’s choice. Now, we have seen that Americans disagree with their Maker. A week later, South Africans en masse voted for atheist socialist neo-Marxism. Even after we have seen state capture, class-leading corruption, some of the highest crime globally, genocide – all in the name of Christianity.

    Please now go and read Hosea 8v4.

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  2. An interesting post about democracy in the states. I have a firm belief that things will get better for US, though you have raised some pertinent questions.

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