It Felt Like Ancient Rome

Last week, when I heard the politicians debate, it felt like I was living in ancient Rome. Many times, the emperors tried to get power or stay in power by appealing to the masses. “The State will give you free bread and wine. There will be free gladiatorial games in the arena.” 

In this latest debate I heard, “We will end cash bail. We will get rid of private prisons. We will defund the police.” When you appeal to those who are breaking the law to help get you into power, you will invariably need to rely on them to keep you there. 

We should be aware that there is a historical precedent here.

12 thoughts on “It Felt Like Ancient Rome

  1. As much as we need prayers for good governance, we also need to hold our leaders accountable. Voting should not be based on promises but principles.

    It is often said that a small gift is better than a big promise.
    God help our world.
    Your piece is insightful 👍

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