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For those of you who don’t know, there is a “Narrative” that is affecting how we receive our news. Depending on your choice of news outlet, you will read stories and opinions that support “The Narrative” that outlet is espousing. If you only get your news from one source, you are probably missing a lot of what is going on in the world today. Your source may not print many stories intentionally because the stories do not support their “Narrative.”

For instance, did you see the column on by Michael Shellenberger? He is a noted environmentalist who has recanted a lot of the views he held in the past. He wrote his column in response to the recent Climate Alarmism that is being put forth by several members of Congress. You didn’t see it? Probably because it was only up for a short time on their site. You have to ask yourself, why didn’t it stay up? The short answer is that it probably didn’t fit their “Narrative,” so it was taken down.

Did you hear about Kathleen Lowrey, an anthropology professor at the University of Alberta? She is an acclaimed gender-critical feminist who believes that gender is real and relevant. She was dismissed for her views because some students felt “unsafe” with her opinions. She probably wasn’t worth mentioning in most news sources because anyone who makes the mistake of holding the belief that gender is binary does not fit the current politically correct “Narrative” in our society.  

However, if you lived in Somerville, Massachusetts, you probably did hear about the city council approving Polyamory. In case you don’t know what it is, “it is the practice of engaging in multiple sexual relationships at the same time.” In other words, if several people want to live together in a “collective domestic partnership” they have the blessing of the city council of Somerville. These partnerships have been given the right to provide health insurance and other rights that are given to “families,” such as the right of hospital visits, etc. This story definitely does fit a particular “Narrative,” and received so much attention that many lawyers are contacting them because they are interested in writing ordinances similar to this one on a state and federal level.

Surprised at what you don’t know and haven’t seen on the news? I recommend getting your news from multiple sources so that you have a better idea of what is happening in the world. If you only read or hear your news from one side of the political or social spectrum, you are being fed whatever “Narrative” that source is espousing. Remember it’s not about the stories that are being reported, it is about the stories that are  being censored because they don’t fit “The Narrative” of that particular news source.

Image by Gerd Altman, Courtesty of Pixabay. Snippets of stories taken from, July 3, 2020. Definition of Polyamory taken from

39 thoughts on “The Narrative

  1. We knew we didn’t get “the rest of the story,” or even most of it – and we watch a fairly reliable, conservative news source!

    When the word propaganda was first used in regards to communist policies, we naively thought Americans would never tolerate that. Time to rethink that! It has happened! 😦

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  2. 😲 Today’s reading was God’s message to Sodom…”Put away your misdeeds before my eyes”….
    I am sorry Lord. Have mercy on us.

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  3. Valerie, this was excellent! I usually go to Google for my news and they provide news from multiple news sources. But I also read news that is not in the mainstream, because I get a much broader perspective that way. I like this site: But I read everything prayerfully, because I know there is so much disinformation out there. And, I trust the Lord to help me to discern truth.

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