The Race to Create a Covid19 Vaccine

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Have you ever been to the horse races? If you have, you know there is always a tremendous amount of excitement in the air. At times, the air feels almost electric depending on which horses are running. Today, if you are part of the scientific community or big pharma, you can feel that same excitement in the air. The race to create a viable vaccine for Covid19 (SARS-Co2) is on and the winners will soon be announced.

Those entities which come up with the vaccine first and are approved by their governments will receive millions if not billions of dollars. Make no mistake, this race is real and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Within the next several months, more than one company may rollout a viable vaccine. According to an article I read, the hope is to make it available to frontline healthcare workers first, essential workers next and then possibly to the general public. Some are talking about having a vaccine available for children that will use a microneedle. It will leave an invisible mark on the skin that can be read by an infrared scanner. If you are over fifty, there may not be a vaccine available for you in the beginning. Research will have to be done to determine the the safety of giving the vaccine to those with diminished immune systems as those who are over fifty are presumed to have. 

Each person will have to decide if they are going to take the vaccine or not. At the moment, it will be an individual choice but some employers may require it in order to work for their company. Certain vaccines are already required by healthcare agencies and this one may not be an exception. If you want to travel to certain countries, you may be required to have an Immunity Passport in order to cross their border. Germany is already talking about the concept and it could become law in the near future.

If a person is going to take the vaccine, it will be important to find out some information before taking it:

1. Who produced the vaccine and what is in the vaccine made of?

2. Where was the vaccine produced, specifically which country was it produced in?

3. Are there any biomarkers in the vaccine?

4. Will any of the vaccines have an RFID chip in them?

5. What are the possible short-term side effects of the vaccine?

Because the rollout of these vaccines will happen so quickly, no one will know the possible long-term side effects of the vaccines. It will also be difficult to tell how long the immunity will last or if multiple injections will be needed to establish or maintain immunity. Even as many governments are hoping these vaccines will be a silver bullet to protect their populace from Covid19, there are still many questions that need to be answered about them. Each of us should be diligent about doing our research before we take one.

The race is on and the research is going at breakneck speeds. The stakes are high, not only for the producers but for those who will be receiving the vaccines. We will soon hear who has crossed the finish line and will be receiving the prized billions. If I look through my binoculars, I can almost see them nearing the final turn as they race to the finish line. Can you?

38 thoughts on “The Race to Create a Covid19 Vaccine

  1. Love all the info you’ve provided, Valerie. Lots and lots of questions!! Here’s another: if President Trump is taking hydrochloroquin and believes in it (has from the get-go), why wouldn’t that be effective for all folks over 50?

    While the CDC and other organizations debunk misconceptions/change previously held opinions, seems more research and investigation is needed, for sure!!

    Thanks for presenting good discussion questions!! 🙂

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  2. Good questions. However all the RFID tags I’ve ever seen are much too large to be given in a vaccination – they require a huge needle that would send me running! There is no way that one could be inserted without knowing! Also they need to be just under the skin to be read and most vaccines are given IM (intramuscular)… Still it will be interesting to see if the vaccine ends up as a non-patented product thus allowing anyone to make it so that the cost will be very low and affordable for everyone.

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    • So glad you know so much about all of this! Yes, I have seen the RFID tags that are inserted under the skin about the size of a piece of rice. Many people seem to be so upset about the possibility, I put that question in so they could be do their research and find out about them! I so appreciate your input! May the Lord richly bless you!


    • I am convinced that there are thousands of people who will not get the vaccine because of concerns about a bio marker in the vaccine. Once people heard that Bill and Melinda Gates were helping develop a vaccine and that they were part of ID2020, a lot of people closed the door on the thought of getting a vaccine!

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  3. To answer your final question, no. Realistically, the earliest we can expect a vaccine is next year.
    Furthermore, taking the vaccine, when it is ready, will be a moral responsibility, unless medical complications justify not taking it. We are all responsible to and for each other, after all. For herd immunity to work, the vast majority of people must be immune.

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  4. This is loaded with wisdom and truth. It certainly appears to be paving the way for end times prophecies with the mark of the beast needed to buy and sell. Though we are not there yet, we can see that on the horizon right on the tail of this vaccine. Lord, help us.


    • I don’t believe the vaccine will have an RFID chip in it. As one of the commenters below who worked in a lab told us, the vaccine will be intramuscular. An RFID chip is placed under the skin with a very large needle. We really need to ask if there is some kind of a biomarker in it.

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