“Normal is just a setting on your dryer.” Patsy Clairmont

As the shutdown begins to end, we hear the word “normal” bandied about in practically every newscast. People are setting timelines about when our society will return to “normal.” Others think we will be living with a “new normal.” Still others wonder if our lives will ever return to “normal.” Of course, no one really knows the answers to any of these questions. I certainly don’t, but I would like to share a few observations I made during this abnormal time.

When 9/11 happened, I remember driving to the office late in the morning. I had to stop at the bank before I went and as I walked in, a television was on. The people looked like they were in a daze. No one said anything, they just stared at the television as the scenes played out over and over again. I didn’t sense any fear just bewilderment.  When the Covid 19 crisis hit and we were all faced with a partial shutdown of the economy, the response was different. The first day I went to the grocery store, most of the people had a look of fear on their faces. They were not looking at one another but were furiously shopping trying to fill their carts with the necessities. Except for items that were fresh, i.e. milk, cheese, fruit and vegetables, the shelves were about empty. I don’t know about you, but I had never experienced this before.  To say the least, this whole scenario has been instructional for me to walk through.

We have all learned some things during this crisis and I hope we do not forget them when our lives return to “normal.” Here are a few of the topics we each have had to come to grips with:

1.  Control – We learned we really have no control over anything. It was a shock to most of us to have the government make decisions about our lives that we had to abide by, no questions asked. We have now seen this happen once and we should be aware that it could easily happen again. 

2. Security –  If we were counting on anything on a human scale to be our security, that rug was ripped right out from under us. We learned that our jobs, bank accounts, stocks, health, food supplies, and even our precious store of toilet paper would only take us so far. This crisis showed us there is no earthly thing we can hold onto for our security.

3. Mortality – We had to come to grips with the fact that we are mortal. If anyone of us believed differently, this virus showed us that we have been believing a lie. Yes, it was harder on the elderly and those with comorbidity factors, but many young healthy individuals succumbed to it also. 

These were not the only life topics we had to deal with. Each one of us can think of at least one area that we especially struggled with during this time. Personally, I found that having faith in God kept me from living in fear. Knowing that God was in control of my life was my security, and that He would be there for me should it be my turn to die, gave me a deep and abiding sense of peace. I know many of you experienced this also.

But if that wasn’t your experience and you haven’t settled some of these life issues yet, I encourage you to do so before the shutdown ends and life returns to “normal.” Please know that the Lord is waiting for you to turn to Him and ask Him for His help and guidance. He will gladly be there to take control of your life, be your security and take you to Himself should it be your turn to leave this earth.

Image by gerd altman. Courtesy of Pixabay.

24 thoughts on “Normal

  1. Great post Valerie! And I’m loving the new photo. That’s so true about 911 and for those in the UK, the other on is the moment we heard about Princess Diana’s death.
    I’m just about to hop onto your page about your books. Congratulations also! 😊 Now, I see at the bottom of my screen the the ‘follow’ button is showing which means I must be logged into to a different blog! Not sure how that happened. This is Sharon from Beat depression. Tut! Technology eh?

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  2. What a beautiful answer to these times…inviting others to accept the Lord! I was reminded on a podcast this morning that “Jesus will never reject you”…from the 6th book of John I believe!

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