Old Shoes


Last week, I glanced on the floor of my closet and was surprised by what I saw…a pair of old shoes I won’t wear anymore. I’m a minimalist and so when I replace a pair of shoes, I usually throw the old ones away. I don’t keep them…period. Why hadn’t I thrown them away? I really don’t know, perhaps because they were SO comfortable, I hated to see them go?

We’re coming into a New Year. Most of us want to change at least one thing in our lives, but in order to do that we are going to have to let go of something comfortable, something familiar. You see, old habits are like old shoes…we need to let them go.Β Experts tell us that in order to create a new habit, we must do an action for twenty-one days. That’s how long it takes our brains to create a new neural pathway and for that behavior to begin to become familiar or comfortable for us.Β 

I don’t try to make a lot of New Year’s resolutions, but I do pick one or two things that I would like to work on or change in the coming year. This year, for me, it’s time management; I would like to make better use of the time I have. So I have a choice, old shoes on old paths or new shoes on new pathways.

What about you? What would you like to work on in the coming year? Are you ready to let go of the old habits that rob you of your vitality and productivity? If so, let’s throw out the old and make way for the new!

Happy New Year to All!!

Image by AlexasFotos. Courtesy of Pixabay

35 thoughts on “Old Shoes

  1. Oh Val I love your posts. So exacting and timely. Yes! I also do not make resolutions because as a former counselor I know that small bites work best. So 21 days is a perfect bite-size time frame to try something new and doable. Thank you for the motivation friend! I pray 2020 is a blessed one for you and your family!

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  2. Happy New Year! I’m planning on sticking with the exercise routine I’ve started. It might need to be altered to accommodate my work schedule for the first 3 weeks of January but that’s easy to do. I am going to let go of some items I found in the basement storage that haven’t been used for at least 10 years… it is time to say farewell to them and I’m sure I won’t miss them since I didn’t even know I had them!

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  3. My main thing is to get more exercise and to be consistent about it. We get going and then things come up and then we have trouble getting back into a routine, but I need to make a plan so that, even though we have things come up, we don’t let that set us back. We have to walk, especially. We sit way too much.

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  4. I am ready for some changes. It’s time to be the me that I know I’m meant to be. Out with some of the old and stale, and in with what God wants to do in 2020. Yeah….it’s gonna be good.

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  5. Val, Darryl my husband has been working away from home…
    I began donating to a women’s shelter. To balance and unclutter, out went his suit and other items.
    Last month though a travelling trader was blessed with more items. It was an old Grey haired unbelievably skinny black man, old world manners and quiet character and charm. His shirt was torn and I replaced it with a soccer shirt, a local team that Darryl does not support. It was as if the shirt was meant for this gent. I made him use it immediately and gave him a hooded jacket for the winter months. He couldn’t speak, his eyes shone silver. Packed him cold juice, sponge cake and bought two brooms that were not needed immediately. His eyes were full like my heart. These people walk amongst us, a fine line between us and them.
    Now to explain the missing jacket!

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