Polluted Wells

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Have you ever been out hiking around in the country and come across an abandoned home? Many times there is a well beside it that hasn’t been used for decades. Would we drink out of that well? Of course, not. The well could be polluted. We don’t know what the water is like and we certainly don’t know if things have fallen into the well that would make the water polluted.

Have you ever been at a large gathering of people? You walk around talking  to various people. Some of them are pleasant to be around and others, not so much. We may start talking to a person and what comes out of their mouth is bitter or caustic. At that point, we can hardly wait to get away from them.

Have you ever thought that people are like wells? Inside each person is a well or a soul. When we talk to people, we experience what is inside of them. Each person shares part of who they are when they communicate with us.  If a person’s soul is healthy and whole, it comes out through with their words. If the person is full of bitterness, envy and jealousy, that also comes across.

What about our own wells? What is inside of us? Do we need to take a look at our wells and perhaps get some of the pollution out? I’m guessing we all have some things inside of our wells that need to be cleaned out. We just have to be honest with ourselves and admit that there are things inside of us that need to be changed.

Can we change ourselves? Can we make ourselves better people by the sheer force of our own will? I doubt it. I know that I would like to be a better person than I am but I am unable to make myself so. I must submit to the Lord, let Him know my problems and ask Him for help. Only then, can I let Him clean my well out make me into the person I desire to be.

“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9

39 thoughts on “Polluted Wells

  1. All the tranformation for the better in our inner life, which makes us better as human beings, comes from God and through him. However, there is one point that, for me, is fundamental: our commitment to becoming better people. We must do because we deserve the grace of God always and not just to say seated waiting to happen. We are conductors of this transformation and God our guide.

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  2. What a powerful analogy, Valerie! We do get a taste of one another’s souls as we spend time together and communicate with one another. We definitely need to be filled with the Living Water of Christ, or we will have a taste of selfishness and death. May He seek the Lord, for only He can refresh our souls. Bless you!

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  3. Valerie, This is good. Yes, we all need to be those who are willing to be honest about what is in our hearts and to let God change us and make us who he wants us to be. Yes, what comes out of our mouths reveals a lot about what is in our hearts. It is a window into our souls. And, that should help us to examine our hearts, too, and to get out of our hearts, by the grace of God, what should not be there, so that we can shine his light to others.

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  4. SO true!! I read this quote this morning: “Speak ill of no one and avoid the company of those who talk ill about their neighbors”. –St Jacinta Marto of Fatima

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  5. A greek priest once told me, that there is a saying among the greeks, that there is no Christian that is a Christian by himself. I have stumbled upon the term “accountability Partner” recently. … This works too as long as you still search for the true church. But us alone.. we are indeed too weak. Too lazy. Christ put His church into the world for a reason. So man would not have to be a Christian for himself. We also need to not rationalize/formalize our sins. But each confession (best before a priest and with sacraments of course) should draw us nearer to God. -the bitter, caustic, envious and jealous one

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