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Historic: The twentieth century was a historic time. After WWI, the geopolitical landscape of the world changed dramatically. For centuries, the Ottoman Empire ruled most the Middle East. Following their defeat, its empire was then ruled by the British. In 1917, Czarist Russia became engulfed in a civil war that ended when the Communists gained control. Sweeping changes again happened after WWII. The Middle East was parceled up into different countries. Chinese culture was upended after their Revolution when the Communists took power. Africa moved from a continent ruled by colonialism to one whose countries were ruled by self-determination. In the 1940’s and 50’s, the Soviet Union began to occupy its neighboring countries. This went on for decades until near the end of the century it broke up and those countries were liberated. Just a cursory glance at world history during those one hundred years show the epic changes that happened on the geopolitical landscape.

Prophetic: From a prophetic standpoint, the single most important event happened in 1948 when Israel became a nation. With its rebirth, the prophetic clock began ticking. Fast forward seventy years and we see political entities lining up in a way that resembles Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38 and 39. Add to that the increase of major earthquakes, the moral breakdown of societies, the epic rise of conflicts between nations and ethnic groups and you have a scenario for the birth pangs of Matthew 24. One’s vision does not have to be 20/20 in order to see that we could definitely be living in prophetic times.

Strategic: So what do we do when we believe we are living in historic and prophetic times? How can we make the most of our gifts and talents in order to make a difference in the world we live in? We must learn to think strategically. We must take stock of what we have and pray about how we can best use those resources for the Kingdom of God. Then we can strategically aim our lives towards that eternal goal.

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  1. Powerful post, Valerie! You captured so many historic milestones and laid them out in such a moving way. The Biblical and prophetic timeline is nearing the end, no doubt. I appreciate the call you have sent out – to pray earnestly and live in a strategic way with our resources, eyes on eternity now more than ever. God bless you! Holy Spirit, help us to live as you would have us to live with the time that is left.

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  2. The whole transformation indicates that the one who will suffer the consequences or be benefited by them must, above all, be aware of the meaning and meaning of the reasons that led the world to transform. Also the human being goes through transformations, as well as the environment, medicine, at last all the elements of life. Having the conscience to discere and make the best choices, I believe, must be preponderant for living to be more humane and possible to be lived with dignity and integrity. Faith in God is one of the pillars of every transformation that seeks balance and justice among all in pursuit of peace and harmony.

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  3. “Then along came Luther, a smart man, but stubborn. He said, The Pope changed everything as he wanted, why shouldn’t I do the same? He started to modify and to re-modify everything in his own way, and in this way established the new Lutheran faith, which only slightly resembles what the Lord commanded and the holy apostles delivered to us.” (St. Theophan the Recluse)

    “The Ecumenical Church has always recognised heresy as a mortal sin; she has always recognised that the man infected with the terrible malady of heresy is spiritually dead, a stranger to grace and salvation, in communion with the devil and the devil’s damnation. Heresy is a sin of the mind; it is more a diabolic than a human sin. It is the devil’s offspring, his invention; it is an impiety that is near idol-worship. Every heresy contains in itself blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, whether against the dogma or the action of the Holy Spirit.” (St. Ignatij Brianchaninov)

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  4. I think a “strategy” is a hard thing to establish, as God is in power and not anyone of us. My godfather too has a lot of strategies…For him it may work (though I understand none of that). Not for me. I am more with the Canaanite Woman from Matthew 15:

    “yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters’ table.”

    I am glad you think my Orthodox Christian comments insightful.

    “A whole multitude of saints has received a martyr’s crown, has preferred the most cruel and prolonged tortures, prison, exile, rather than agree to take part with heretics in their blasphemous teaching.” St Ignatij Brianchaninov

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  5. I am looking “forward” to .Christ’s return. More than 2000 years ago, Christ went into the cities proclaiming the coming of God’s kingdom. And here we are. There are no times greater than Christ’s time and the times we are now living in. Happy new month Sunday Val!

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  6. If you are looking for a prayer rule for the whole day, there is the St. Seraphim of Sarow prayer rule. I also found “The Cell Rule of Five Hundred of the Optina Monastery” online.

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  7. I tell my friends and family this…
    Should I die today and meet God. He will ask me “what did you do today and everyday Kavitha?”
    I will say that I did my best with the little that I have, was loving and kind.
    Its all we can do earnestly, with integrity, couched in His Word and The Good Book.

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