Abortion and Rape — Mitch Teemley

I found this story in my newsfeed and was intrigued by the implications: What if pregnancy is not insult added to injury in the case of rape, but a “gift” (to be kept or lovingly given to someone else). The Bible doesn’t label all things good–far from it–but it does say that God can “work […]

via Abortion and Rape — Mitch Teemley

20 thoughts on “Abortion and Rape — Mitch Teemley

  1. There are rape victims that keep the child and find happiness in loving a child. Then you have those that relive the nightmare as a result of an unwanted pregnancy due to rape.some sucidal. Depends on the individual.

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      • I thought Christians believed in family values. A child being conceived in love and having two loving committed parents to look after the child throughout its life.
        A rape victim and a rapist isn’t the image of that. Adoption has seen some of the most disturbing stories on child neglect and abuse. Pro birth isn’t caring for the child’s welfare its just an opinion due to a belief God wills these things and that being born is the only important factor. I believe unless a child is wanted and has loving parents with a stable home, that child will most likely go through hell in its life. Yes pro life gives all the success stories to further its Pro birth cause. Try all the other ones for more balance, but that would require work on the pro birth part. Your responsibilities stop at the March for life. 🌸

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      • Thank you so much for sharing your opinion. These decisions are difficult for everyone. Each person has to make their own decision, however many women suffer post-abortion syndrome because of their choice. There are no easy answers and no choices that do not leave the mother with a burden to bear no matter which way she decides. These are difficult life decisions indeed.

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      • Thank you 🌸 yes I believe in free will and dignity of the person and that they have support with any decisions they make to help them through such trauma. I’d in no way judge someone who after a violation on their body to be unable to psychologically, emotionally and physically go through with a pregnancy. They have been disempowered enough and need to be empowered with any choices they decide. That’s loving God I believe who understands our personal situations. Blessings 🌸 🌸 🌸

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