Bloggers International Friendship Award

This May, I will have been blogging for two years…yes, my Second Blogiversary is at hand! I have really enjoyed blogging the last two years and consider the people I have met to be one of my greatest joys.

I have enjoyed reading your blogs, hearing your heart on a myriad of matters and getting to know your joys and struggles. I have been enriched by my association with all of you. In total, I have connected with people from over sixty countries and by far, I am the richer for it.

In honor of each and every one of you, I am creating the Bloggers International Friendship Award. This Award is to be given to one person whom you have connected with from another country who has enriched your life and you truly consider this person a friend. Mine will be awarded annually…you may award yours as you please!

earth-1617121_640                                                 BLOGGERS INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP AWARD

My pick this year is Kavita and her Sunshiny SA blog. Kavita is a true social justice warrior and I have greatly benefited from knowing her. She shares much about life in South Africa, including its history, geography, wildlife, cities, and the social issues that people in her culture are dealing with. Today, I salute you Kavita and present you with this Bloggers International Friendship Award. May you continue to blog for years to come!

44 thoughts on “Bloggers International Friendship Award

  1. This is very nice. I received in these 2 years blogging I received 2 nominations but I get confused on what to do and only thanked one of the 2 people that nominated me was at the very beginning of my Blogging. I hope if there will be someone hat nominates me I will get some help on how to doit. Yes, I ca be seriously dumb.

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  2. VALERIE—YOU BLOG ON THE ROCK OF AGES…WE ARE ALL BLESSED BY YOUR PAGES!!!! HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY… NUMBER TWO!!!!! LOVE YA LOTS SIS—IN CHRIST. ❤ "The Old Codger"–a moniker from my college bible study days…! –Jonathan You find the BEST IDEAS to spread God's love!

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  3. Two years Val. Congratulations 🎊 on your anniversary. You do so well with your words, you’ve enrichened us with your knowledge and wisdom.
    May God bless you and your family always.
    About my award, thank you, thank you for honoring me in this way, creating this award and blessing me in your inimitable way on your anniversary.
    Ive learned so much from you. My only regret is that you are so far away.
    About my award, my heart awards it to you first but in keeping with your trend, I shall nominate a valued blogging friend.
    Bless you again and thank you for touching my heart and lives as you do.
    Hugs, Kavita

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