Josef Mengele, Nazi SS physician, was notorious for his work at the camp at Auschwitz. He was an ardent believer in Nazi Racial Theory and Eugenics. He was interested in twins, identical or fraternal, and did experiments on Jewish and Roma children in the camps. He was especially interested in eye color and many children were maimed or killed in order for him to complete his experiments on them. Was he the only doctor at these death camps doing this kind of work? No, he was just the most infamous and was known as the “Angel of Death” at Auschwitz.

When we think of the Nazi SS and their death camps, we are outraged. We just had Holocaust Remembrance Day and we mourn the six million Jews who were murdered at the camps. But they were not the only ones that were scheduled for extermination. Fourteen million people were murdered by the SS: Jews, Romas, the old, infirm, disabled, mentally ill, and those physically or mentally handicapped were also scheduled for death in order to help establish a pure race.

Outrage and sadness, that is what these kinds of policies evoke in most people. That happened in WWII. It is over, we will never have to face that kind of inhumanity again, or will we?

Last night on the news, I heard about a policy just signed into law in New York. Abortions will be legal up to the time of birth. Any child deemed unwanted, unnecessary, mentally or physically unfit can be killed at the moment of birth if that is what the mother wants. 

Is this law an aberration? No, it is the latest in a series of laws that some states are trying to adopt. I heard the Virginia governor, a pediatric neurologist no less, advocating for the passage of this same law in his state. He explained rationally how the baby will be killed right before birth and if the mother changes her mind when the baby is delivered, they will try to revive it.

These policies are Mengelian, plain and simple. Americans are divided on their stance for abortion, but seventy-one percent of us are against late-term abortion. If we don’t want these laws to stand, what can we do?

1. Use our Voice: Just like those in Nazi Germany who stood against the SS and their inhumane practices, we must use our voice to stand up against these laws.

2. Use our Hands: We can write to our State Senators and Representatives to not allow these kinds of laws to be passed in our states. If we live in a state where this law has been passed, we can ask our Representatives to rescind the law allowing these practices.

3. Use our Checkbooks: We can donate to organizations that will work to have these laws taken off the books. My husband and I will donate to The American Center for Law and Justice and encourage their work on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.

We must know that even though we are just one person, if we stand together, we can change what is happening in our legislatures. I, for one, will stand up against this form of evil. Will you stand with me?

“Open your mouth for the speechless, in the cause of all who are appointed to die. Open your mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.” Proverbs 31: 8-9

33 thoughts on “Mengelian

  1. I have been to Auschwitz….the spirit of death and evil still hovers over that place. When you see with your eyes what human beings are capable of doing to other human beings, it does not surprise me that there are those who are willing to murder the innocent…for any reason. Evil still exists and evil people still exists. My heart hurts for those who have been, are, will be affected by this kind of evil.

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    • Many are doing our best here…and I think it is making a difference. Exposing the darkness to the light is the best first step. Then you can begin to do something about it! People just haven’t known what the end game is, now they are aware and are aghast! The legislation was passed in New York, but failed in Virginia. I trust that with public awareness, it will fail in other state houses! Let’s do our best to save those babies!


  2. I agree with you 100% Valerie. Last night, right after publishing ‘Glorious News’ I started my next post – on Abortion. I’d been preparing it for many days.

    We went to Auschwitz with our kids in 1991. I’m very glad we did, though I could never return there, even if I were able to. It was a harrowing experience. We saw absolutely everything because Auschwitz is exactly as it was when the Allies released the prisoners in 1945. I’ll definitely include a chapter on that unforgettable visit in the (evangelistic) autobiography that Jesus told me a few days ago to start writing. So far ideas are flooding in like a tsunami… and your post has given me yet another excellent one. Thank you!

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    • I’m sure it will be a great post. If you need to use anything I have written, you are free to do it. I know your post will be good and informative. Perhaps a few minds and hearts will change, that is what we can hope for.

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      • Thank you, Valerie, that’s so kind of you, I’ll certainly consider it. I love to include photos and I’ve found some deeply shocking ones that are bound to grab people’s attention. As Arthritis prevents my using my laptop now I bought an iPad Pro. Taking screenshots on it from videos, then enlarging them, is opening things up for me — particularly on this subject.

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  3. On the board of Rhode Island Right to Life for many years. We are currently engaged in a struggle with the same laws modeled after the NY inhumanity. Another hearing tomorrow. Our former pro life governor is no longer around to act a as a final bulwark against the well financed and organized push for these abominations – abortion allowed up until the moment of birth. And beyond.

    The carrot and stick applied by the proponents are both formidable. Last fall key pro life members were targeted, loads of money spent well beyond the means of our little non profit, and seats were lost. This has been the plan for a long time.

    There have been drowning buckets in abortion clinics for a long time. Pray for little Rhody. I fear you may be reading about us soon. Pray for all of us, as what St John Paul named “a culture of death” encroaches and blots out the light. The Good News is we know the ending, but living in the story is going to get hard.

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    • So totally agree! I was so outraged by NY’s new law that I told my husband “We must start giving to the ACLJ.” They are fighting these inhumane laws in court! God Bless them and their attorneys!


  4. What a powerful and arresting connection between the practices of Mengele and abortion. Thanks for this post. It’s awesome that some states are standing up for the speechless now and that it’s making the nightly news.

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    • Yes, I hope so. Many (including myself) have become complacent until the publicity about later term abortion and fourth term abortion took the news over. It spurred me to action and I hope others. May we never be a country that puts new born babies to death! Thank you for adding to the conversation!

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