Is America “Babylon the Great?”

Every year, I try to read through the Bible. As I was nearing the end of Revelation in November, I wondered, “Is America “Babylon the Great?” For years, people have asked, “Where is America in Scripture?” They couldn’t find her and thought that perhaps she would have receded in power and would no longer be part of the End Times Scenario.

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But what if she is there under another name?

Some great scholars believe that America and Babylon the great are one and the same because of the information presented in the prophecies of Isaiah and Jeremiah, plus the words of John the seer in Revelation, chapter 18.

Consider the following momentarily. Isaiah 18:1,2 depicts a latter-day nation that amazingly resembles modern America. This nation (1) has the insignia of wings – similar to our national emblem, the bald eagle; (2) is a land that is beyond the sea from Israel; (3) is scattered and peeled – meaning it is widely spread out or has great land areas; (4) is meted out – or staked out – by acres and miles; and (5) is a land whose rivers are spoiled – or polluted.

As one studies Jeremiah’s remarks, he is amazed to see that modern America seems to be the fulfillment of these predictions because : (1) she is a nation of mingled people (Jeremiah 50:37); (2) she is a nation whose mother shall be sorely confounded and who coexists with the “mother” at the hour of her decline (50:12);  (3) she dwellest upon many waters (51:13); (4) her wealth plagues the nations of the earth to the point of insane jealousy (51:17); (5) her space exploits are so utterly fantastic that she tries to mount up to heaven (51:53) and (6) she exists when Israel is back in the land.”  from Revelation Revealed by Jack Van Impe.

I thought about these references a lot and decided to reread a book I had read a few years ago. “The Bablyon Code” by Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson delves into these questions and covers: Mystery Babylon, Geopolitical-Military Babylon, Economic Babylon and Spiritual-Technical Babylon. It is a really interesting book and I would recommend it to anyone interested in this subject.  


Is America “Babylon the Great?”  I don’t know, but I am convinced more and more that she just might be.

23 thoughts on “Is America “Babylon the Great?”

  1. Obviously, you’ve devoted much time to these questions. I don’t have answers, only opinions. It’s my opinion that we are not the first to conclude that the end times are upon us, because the Bible is poetry, for the most part.

    Please press on.

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    • Most generations have probably thought they were in the end times. The first century Christians thought it for sure. The evidence may be in the fact of the seeming fulfillment of prophecy in this generation. We will see! Thanks so much for the comment and sharing your opinion!


  2. As much as it grieves me to think this may be true, God appears to have “given us over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not fitting” because we, as a nation seem to “not retain God in our knowledge.” Romans 1:28. Actually, the whole Chapter of Romans 1 seems to fit our generation — not only in America, but throughout the whole Gentile World.

    The signs are accelerating at an alarming pace.

    I was an atheist– angry, vocal, and blind- like so many today. Then someone challenged me to actually READ the Bible. Wow! So, so thankful.

    Pray for our nation–and the lost and dying world!

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  3. About 60 years have passed since these parallels were first brought to my attention. I was in the air force and on leave. The Greyhound was packed and I shared a seat with a man not much older than myself. We devoted about 200 miles discussing many of the verses you’ve mentioned. Unfortunately, I don’t recall the man’s name, but I certainly recall the message he shared with me.

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  4. Yes, I believe America is Babylon the Great, the harlot who rides the beast, and I believe much of Revelation 13 is being fulfilled right now in our time, and that the USA is right on the front lines serving the beast in doing its bidding. The Lord began showing this to me 14 years ago, and he has opened my eyes to so so much I never knew before that is going on in the world and in our nation that I never had a clue about before.

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  5. Interesting. I’ve heard different opinions on this subject, and many of them sound logical. I agree with the others who have spoken out about the moral and ethical decline in our modern world. It’s shocking how far we’ve moved away from God’s guiding principles in the last 50 years.

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  6. Every age has something that will try to seduce the Church. The father of lies is still trying to deceive the elect. I don’t believe it’s a country. It has been thought to be the Roman Empire, the Roman Catholic Church, false religious systems. We are living in dangerous times, but that’s been the case through the centuries. I believe the United States are to be a blessing despite its faults.


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  7. Valerie, that is a heavy-duty suggestion. However, I hate to say it but I can see exactly where you’re coming from and how you arrived at that observation. It is kind of scary but I have often wondered if we are headed for a decline if not complete destruction and I don’t make that statement lightly.

    Here is a thought, and I have just begun studying scripture a couple years ago and not just studying scripture but on my journey to becoming born again. Anyway, or are we a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah? I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts on that.

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    • I don’t know. Sodom and Gomorrah were cities that were into sexual perversion and violence. The angels that went there were not safe from the citizens as the citizens wanted to rape them. I imagine that many innocent people (children) were probably used and abused there. That must have been an abomination in God’s eyes. He said in Genesis that He was going there “Because the outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah is great, and because their sin is very grave.” I imagine the outcry was from those being abused. All I know is that God will not tolerate wickedness forever and there is a day when His mercy will no longer be available and His judgment will come. We must all turn to Him while we can.


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