Illumination vs. Comfort

A few weeks ago, it got really cold outside. I thought perhaps if I curtained off the door to the inner porch it would make the house warmer.  It did in fact add warmth to the house, but it also cut out a lot of light coming in. After a few days, I decided to remove the curtain. I preferred the light to the (1)

That little incident got me to thinking, “So how does this apply to our lives?” Do we in fact, prefer illumination to comfort or is it usually the other way around? After pondering it a bit, I thought, “I bet we usually prefer comfort to illumination.” Do you think that is true?

Is it much easier to hang out with people who think like we do, watch newscasts that support our point of view, and read magazines and articles that confirm our pre-existing ideas? I think it is. It usually takes effort to spend time with those that think differently than we do, read books that challenge our thinking, or watch another news channel. Do we want to remain in the orbit of those that are similar to us or are we willing to move out of that orbit and seek to understand others that are different than ourselves?

I’ve been asking myself those questions and I don’t like the answers I am getting. I am going to have to be intentional if I want to expose myself to those who think differently than I do. If I do that, then perhaps, I will have a better understanding of others and also the world around me.light-bulb-3104355_640

20 thoughts on “Illumination vs. Comfort

  1. I love comfort! But I hate that I love comfort, and every day I try to “fast” from one of the things that makes me too comfortable just to practice clearing out my heart to make room for God. Excellent post. I love this analogy!

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  2. I think we can become ‘comfortably numb’ (great song) and much too quickly in all aspects of our lives – it’s dangerous.

    Sorry to bring politics into this but I see people in my country doing just that and allowing politicians to slowly erode civil liberties, to the point that I don’t believe we live in a democratic country anymore. Australia is such a different country to 20 or 30 years ago – I’m starting to say what my parents used to say when they were alive.

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  3. Valerie, as always your articles force me to use the ole noggin and I LOVE it. This is what I so love about your writings and why I really enjoy sharing them with my followers. Aside from offering a “Christian” view on topics you provide us with an interesting overall view on topics. Please keep up the GREAT work. Your loyal follower.

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