The Mystery of Prayer

Those of us who have prayed over the years know that prayer is a mystery. Having read many books on the subject, done many Bible studies and spent literally hours praying, I should have a pretty good understanding of the subject. But the truth is, I don’t. I’ll share what I have learned and what I think I know about prayer.


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What I have found is that prayer seems to be answered in three ways: Yes, No, or Wait. Let’s take the first, when prayer is answered with a “Yes.” I have seen God work in miraculous ways. I have seen Him heal the sick, raise those who were practically dead from their sickbed, provide jobs, spouses, cars, you name it. It is always a glorious thing when God answers in the affirmative and it feels great to have participated in prayer when I see those kind of answers.Β 

Next, there are those times when God doesn’t answer in the affirmative. The person does not get healed, those who are terminally ill die, a person doesn’t get the job, car or whatever was prayed for. In other words, there is a resounding “No” to the prayer. That doesn’t feel good and I often wonder why. I know God is on his throne and He doesn’t owe me any explanation but still I wonder. Some people may tell me I didn’t have enough faith, but I know that isn’t true. I had the same amount of faith when I prayed for other things that were answered in the affirmative. Others may tell me that there must be some sin in my life, or else God would have answered my prayer. I know that is not true either. Yes, God will not hear my prayers “if I regard iniquity in my heart,” but in general there is always some element of sin in my life. Every thought I think is not one hundred percent pure and loving and every word I say is not either. That’s the way it is, and no matter how hard I try that is the way it will always be until I go to be with the Lord. The truth is, in prayer, I can ask God for things, but I am in no position to “tell” God what to do. He is still in charge of the universe and sees the big picture. I am not in charge and I do not see the big picture and I must submit myself to this truth. I know I can trust Him and that He is still on His throne when the answer is “No.”

Third, there are those times when God seems to be silent and no answer is forthcoming. A lot of times, I have the sense that I have been put on hold and the answer will come about when the time is right. But when will the time be right? When will I get the job, the promotion or whatever I have been asking for? Of course the answer is up to God, but usually the answer has something to do with me and my character. Many times, God is waiting on me for my character to develop so that He can put me in a position of greater authority and responsibility. If He allows me into that position too soon, I may fail because of a lack of character development. These are the hardest prayers to wait for, but they are the most necessary. I need to wait patiently during those times and participate with God when He is working on my character. Over the years, I have learned that I do not want to be put in a position of responsibility that is greater than my ability to handle it. When the answer turns to a “Yes,” I am thankful that He made me wait until the time was right.

Prayer is a mystery and there is no way that I understand all there is to know about it. I will continue to trust God and to pray for things knowing that I will get an answer, even if it is not the answer I am hoping for.

What about you? What have you found out about prayer? How has your understanding of the subject changed over the years? Let me know so that we can collectively learn together.Β 

53 thoughts on “The Mystery of Prayer

  1. Valerie,

    I love how you are careful to specify that when God answers us with a “no” it is not usually because of sin or lack of faith, although at times it can be. God is sovereign and for reasons we can’t often understand, sometimes he says no. My prayer life lately has been weak and it is a goal of mine to strengthen it. I am so grateful for God’s patience and grace. I think when his answer is ‘wait,’ it is an opportunity for us to also learn more patience, grace and faith in His will. Great post on the mysteries of prayer. πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you so much for your input. We are all learning together and keeping on keeping on in the discipline of prayer. Someday we will understand more and will probably be sad we didn’t pray more and take our requests to heaven’s gate for answers!

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  2. Last Sunday the Sunday School class I teach had a discussion relevant to this post. One woman told a story about a job she had applied for, prayed for, not not gotten. Two years after she did not get the job, the man under whom she had sought to work got caught for embezzlement and brought down everyone who worked under him.

    Sometimes “no” is the best answer to prayer.

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  3. I’m right there with you with all three angles of looking at prayer. In my predicament it’s like I am in a stormy boat and I know He can calm the sea because He has done it plenteous times but then silence and an ebb and flow of confirmation that He is with me. Prayer for me is a a chat with my friend and dearest Father. I know that I can trust Him even when circumstances seem to be going in a downward spiral I look up expectantly waiting on Him to move because things are well out of my control. Either way you look at it prayer is significant in keeping that relationship open and loving that is how we avoid telling or bitterness . I hope this makes sense πŸ™‚

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  4. Great blog! What we may think we know about prayers, we should never forget that there is One who knows more than us and that it is up to Him if and when to answer them. God bless you.

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  5. Thank you for your insightful post, Valerie. I am visiting from Stuart’s Post Picks, and glad I did so. I love your take on prayer – all three aspects – because you rightly divide the Word of God and its application in our lives.

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  6. So well written, and so true. I can very much appreciate these thoughts. Tomorrow, because of some of what I’ve been reading, I have a post that is in step with this post. Funny how God directs us if we listen. Thank you for sharing! Kev

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  7. God has always been merciful to me and I really tahnk him for all the blessings. Have faith in him and he will always guide us.
    I personally believe that when God denies our prayers it too is in our favour as he knows the best for us

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  8. Dear Valerie,
    What you write is so direct to the heart. Over years I have found that prayer is also not about asking or seeking always. Sometimes, in deep surrender, stillness, if we just let go; profound connection happens with the divinity within. Perhaps that is deep prayer. An experience of oneness , of super consciousness. Is it?

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    • I agree! Some of my deepest prayer times have been when I just sat before the Lord with my concerns or sorrow and did not say a word. I know He knows where we are and He is the only One who can help! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!

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  9. Totally agree on post… I think the mystery is not knowing what is best in regards to what were asking and the perplexity the answers or lack of answers might cause as we are maturing in Christ… The good news is, when we don’t understand we can trust Him… How great is it, we have a Father who knows what’s best in every circumstance, every situation… How He loves us, He will give every good thing but knows when to say no or wait. We can trust the one who gave His life so we can live… Be Blessed All…
    P.S. How cool is the good part of the internet. A single post can keep sowing long after it was originally sowed… I wonder how that compounds the fruit it produces… I love God… lol…

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    • So agree with you Jim! So much we don’t know but we do have a Wonderful Awesome Father! God is SO GREAT and SO GOOD that we can always trust Him! Thank you so much for adding to the conversation and yes, the fact that the posts are still around after a while is great also! Blessings to you!


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