Going A.W.O.L. from the UnCivil War

No matter who wins in the elections today, I just want my friends and family to know that I am going A.W.O.L. from the UnCivil War.

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There has always been an UnCivil War going on in politics, but I became acutely aware of it when Bill Clinton was elected. I had a girlfriend whose mother-in-law ran in high circles in society; she called and told me many spurious things about the Clintons. I then heard many of those things repeated on radio talk shows and later from other people who were only too happy to repeat what they had heard in the news media. The upshot of it all was that, in the end, the opposing political party was only too happy to impeach him for strictly political purposes.

George Bush was elected and the same thing happened. He was demonized for getting us into the  Iraq War. Funny thing was, he couldn’t have done it without the approval of the Senate. None of the Senators seemed inclined to take any responsibility for their own part in getting us into the War, so when we became entrenched in the quagmire of Iraq, he was continually demonized and made into a laughing stock.

Barak Obama was elected and it was the same thing. Terrible things were said about him and people kept hammering him from the moment he took office. Demonization and innuendo were the hallmarks of the War against him. His opponents would not or could not say anything positive about him.

Donald Trump was elected and the War has escalated into almost unbearable proportions. Both sides of the political spectrum have begun to demonize those that don’t agree with them. This lack of civility has reached epidemic proportions, dividing people at work, in their families, and affecting their relationships with other members of society.

This War has got to stop. If we want to get anything done to improve our society, we must work together with those of another political persuasion and become A.W.O.L. from the UnCivil War. This UnCivil War has damaged the fabric of our society. People on both sides of the political map view the other side as enemies, instead of brother citizens who disagree with them politically. I, for one, do not want to be part of this War, so I am officially going A.W.O.L.

Today is election day. We all get the opportunity to vote our beliefs and values at the polls. I will try to respect those elected to office and not malign them. I will believe good about them until proven otherwise. I will not send negative political emails around to my friends and family or post negative political remarks on my Facebook page. In other words, I am going to be an American who respects her fellow citizens regardless of their political beliefs, race, religion or ethnicity. 

“These are the things you shall do:

Speak each man the truth to his neighbor;

Give judgment in your gates for truth, justice and peace;

Let none of you think evil in your heart against your neighbor;

And do not love a false oath.

For all these are things that I hate;

Says the Lord.”

Zechariah 8: 16-17


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  1. the dissemination of fake news in electoral periods, combined with the media’s activity in general since the early days of polluting candidacies created situations of hatred, violence, discrimination, prejudice, among many other ills to the voter who finally elects unprepared politicians. I still hope that one day it will end and we can make the choices in the best way possible.

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  2. How are you The story of the lover and the lover Part

    I found myself eating four pieces of yogurt, one dessert, the other pomegranate juice, the third with baklava, the fourth kataif, and the yoghurt between sweet and sour. I ate from the Qatayef and ate a piece of meat. I ate some of the chicken and ate a bite. Then my stomach filled and my shoulders became numb. I was lazy. I put my head on a pillow. After washing my hand, I was overcome with sleep. I did not know what happened to me after that. So what? I woke up until the sun burned for me because I had days when I woke up. When I woke up, I found my stomach salty and swollen. I stood up and stood up and pulled my clothes. I turned right and left. I found no one and found that I was sleeping on the marble without brushes in my mind and deeply grieved. On myself and I did the house and when I reached him found my cousin knocking her hand on her chest and crying tears Yabri clouds Almtrat and seek these verses:

    A wind blew out of the neighborhood, and a breath of joy spread forth its flame

    O boy breeze, come to us every bit with his share and his share

    Or our love we embraced as a loving embrace of his beloved

    After my cousin’s face, God denied all life and time

    If my hair is like his heart, like my heart is melted, I will be free of desire and flame

    When she saw me, she hastened and wiped away her tears and kissed me with her words. She said: “My cousin, you are in your love. May God have mercy on you. I love you and I love you in my weeping and my sorrow for separating you from those who accuse me, but I do not take you away from you, and you smile in my face. Thiabi and published and poisoned and said: And God, what are the smells of those who have loved him, so tell me what happened to you, my cousin Vokrtha all what happened to me Vtmtm Tbsm anger. Secondly, she said: My heart is full of pain, so do not live from the pain of your heart, and this woman is strengthened by strong reinforcement, and God, my cousin, I am afraid of you, and know, my cousin, that the interpretation of salt is that you are sleeping. So that you do not get mad, because you claim that you are one of the beloved lovers and sleeping on lovers is haraam, your love is false, and so is her love for you, because if she saw you asleep, she did not alert you. If her love is sincere, I will alert you. You are small, you have nothing but eating, drinking and sleeping, this is an explanation God save them Tha.

    When I heard her words, I hit my hand on my chest and said, “By God, this is the right thing, because I have grown up, and the lovers do not sleep. I am the oppressor for myself, and it was not harmful for me to eat and sleep, so how can it be?” Then I increased my tears and said to my cousin: My cousin’s daughter loved me very much. And Shahrazad knew that it was morning so she stop from talking from what she should.

    On the 143rd night, she said: I have known to you, the happy king, that the young man has said to the crown of kings, and she said to me on my head and in my eyes, but my cousin has said to you repeatedly, if I had come in and gone out, I would have gathered with you at the earliest time. If you have dinner time, sit in the place where you were, and be careful not to eat anything because eating brings sleep and you do not sleep, it does not come to you until it goes away. Night is a quarter, God suffices her evil.

    I said to her: On the head and eye when I went out and went to the orchard found the place is ready for the situation that I saw first and in it what it needs And I took the seat and smelled the smell of food, so I caught my breath to it, and I stopped it many times. I could not stop it. I went to the trip and uncovered its cover. I found a chicken dish and around it four yoghurt of food. Four colors were eaten from each color for a bite and I ate all the sweets and ate. Piece of meat and drink from the And I even liked drinking more of them with a spoonful until I was full and filled with my stomach and then I applied my eyelids and I took a pillow and put it under my head and I said to Ali I lean on it and I do not sleep and I closed my eyes and grew up and I noticed until the sun rose and I found on my stomach the heel of bone and the uniqueness of Tab Balah and Bazra Kharoub. And no other as if there was nothing yesterday I shook everyone from me and went out and I was angry until I got home and I found my cousin to go up the horns and chanting verses:

    Our body dissolved and a wounded heart and tears on the cheeks flattened

    A lover is difficult to reap, but all he does is salty

    My cousin filled my heart with my heart

    She said to me: My cousin, as if you were sleeping this night, I said to her: Yes, but when I did not notice, I found a heel of bone on my stomach and separated the pulp and nucleus. Balh and Bazra Kharoub and I do not know anything that I did so. Then she cried to me and kissed her and told her: Tell me the sign of her doing this and tell me what to do and help me with what I am in. She said to me: “On the head and the eye, the individual of the tab that you put on your belly indicates to you that you are present and your heart is absent. Prepare yourself as a lover and the nucleus of dates, it indicates to you that if you loved your heart was burned with grams, did not taste delicious dream, the pleasure of love Ktmra inflamed in the heart of the Jamrah and the carob seed, it indicates to him that the heart of the lover stylized and says to you: Parting the patience of Job.

    When I heard this interpretation started in the fire and increased my heart of sadness and I said: I have to sleep for a few my sister, and then I said to her: My cousin in my life you can give me a trick to reach her and she cried and said: Dear, my cousin, my heart is full of thought , And I can not speak but leave tonight to that place and be careful to sleep, you reach this goal is the opinion and peace I said to her: God willing I do not sleep, but I do what you order me, and my cousin came and brought food and said to me: all now enough to stay In your mind something I ate my cream and when the night came, my cousin’s daughter came to me with a great suit. I dressed her and made me remind him. House mentioned and warned me of sleep.

    Then I went out of my uncle’s house and went to the orchard and Talat to the orchard and Talat that seat and looked at the orchard and made my eyes open with my fingers and shook my head, when the night went. And Shahrazad knew that it was morning so she stop from talking from what she should.

    On the fourteenth night, she said: I have heard you, the happy king, that the young man said to the crown of kings: “And I took the seat from that seat and looked at the orchard and made my eyes open and shook my head when the night came. When Talaat came back from the night and gave me the smells of food, And I ate a piece of meat, and ate a piece of meat, and came to the bottom of the wine and I said to myself: drink a cup, drink it, and then drank the second and third until ten o’clock and the air hit me, and fell on the ground like the dead and still until the day came and I saw myself outside the orchard, My belly is a blade of iron and iron, so I tremble and take them and come I came to my house and found my cousin saying that I was sad in this house. I have no one but crying. When I entered, I fell from my bed and threw the knife and the dirhams out of my hand and cheated on me. I woke her up to what happened to me and told her: I did not get my heart. Oujdi, and said to me: I was unable to sleep, did not hear my advice, my words do not benefit you anything.

    I said to her: I ask God to explain to me the sign of the knife and iron dirhams, she said: The iron dirham, it refers to the right eye and they swear by them and says: The right of the Lord of the Worlds and the right eye if I returned the second time and grew to sacrifice this knife and I am afraid of you, my cousin, Full of sadness on you, I can not speak if you know that if you return to sleep do not sleep and go back to sleep and you win your need if you know that if you returned to sleep on your habit and then returned to it and grew slaughtered I said to her: How is work, my cousin I ask God that Help me on this ballet.

    She said, “On my eyes and my head, but if you hear my words and obey my order, I will judge your need.” I said to her, “I hear your words and I obey your command.” She said: “If the time of the spirits tells you, then you put me in her chest and put me on the bed, and you still gain me until I sleep. When my head traveled on my face until the end of the day, then she alerted me, and when I became aware, I found her in my head, and in her hand was the fan, crying, and her tears had worn her clothes.

    When she saw me, she woke up, wiped her tears and came with some food, so I stopped him and she said to me: “Did I not tell you, listen to me, and all I ate, and did not break it, I put the food in my mouth and I chewed until I was full and then I was drunk?” I washed my hand and rubbed it with a haraam. I am in wellness.

    When she darkened the night, she clothed my clothes and said, “My cousin, watch all night and do not sleep.” What is coming to you tonight is only at nightfall, and God willing you will meet her tonight, but do not forget my intention.

    Then she cried and my heart ached at her from the greatness of her crying, and I said to her: What is the commandment that promised me? And she said to me: If I left from her Vncdha house mentioned and then went out of it and I was hilarious and went to the orchard and Talat seat and I sat full sat and watched for a quarter of the night and then the night on me even as a year I stayed awake, until three quarters of the night and roared the cocks So I went to the trip and ate until I had enough, and I heaved my head and wanted to sleep and if I had a noise after I got up and washed my hand and mouth, I alerted myself to what was only a few and if it came with ten neighbors, and between them as if the moon between the planets and a suit of green atlas, The poet said:

    Trim on the lovers in the decomposition of broken vegetables, buttons and hair

    I said to her what the name I said that the hearts of the lovers of the heavens

    She said to her, “I will not give up.”

    And I said to her, If your heart is a rock, then God will yield the rock from the rock

    And when she saw me, she laughed and said: How did you wake up and did not overtake you sleep and where I spent the night I learned that you are a lover, because the lovers of the night easy to catch the longing.

    Then I extended my hand to her waist and flooded it, and we landed in the ground only, and removed her pants and got down through her legs and took us in the cradle and hugging and gagging and slender speech and bite and bear legs And toured the house and the pillars until her joints relaxed and invaded them and entered into the coma and that night, pleased heart and the grave of the beholder as the poet said:

    I have forgotten the nights of the night, I have a night in which I have not betrayed the cup of works

    I split it between my eyelids and the cherries and gathered between the earring and the anklets

    When the morning came, I wanted to leave, and then she grabbed me and said to me, “Stand up until I tell you something.” And Shahrazad knew that it was morning so she stop from talking from what she should.

    And on the one hundred and forty-fifth night she said: I have known you, the happy king, that the young man said to the crown of kings, “Stand up until I tell you something, and I will command you a commandment, and I will stand up and remove a handkerchief and take out this piece of cloth and spread it in front of me. I seek her every night in that orchard and then I left her and I was happy and joy I forgot the hair recommended by my cousin and when she gave me the rag in which the image of the deer said to me: This is my sister’s work, I said to her: What is the name of your sister? She said: Her name is Nour Huda, then keep this scrap and then I called and left and I was hilarious and walked until I entered my cousin and found her dancing when she saw me and her tears fell.

    Then she turned to me and kissed my chest and said: Did you do what I commanded you to sing the house of poetry? I said to her: I forgot him and what I was occupied by only the image of this deer and threw the scrap in front of her and I stood up and stayed impatient and the tears of the eye burst and I sang these two houses:

    O student to parting hey do not let you hug

    Hey, the time of time and the last companionship separation

    When she came out of her hair, she said: “My cousin gave me this scrap, so I gave it to her, so I took it and published it and saw what was in it. When the time came, my cousin said: Go with safety. But if I leave her, I will go to the house of poetry that I told you first and forget. And then I went to the orchard and entered the seat and found the girl in waiting for me when she saw me and kissed me and sat in her stone and then ate and drank and spent our purposes as progress and no need to return when the morning became the poetry of the house:

    Oh, lovers of God, know if the love of the boy intensified how to make

    When she heard him, her eyes were wet with tears and sang:

    And he will keep his secret, and be patient in all things, and be subject

    When I entered her, my mother said to me, “Damn you from a cousin, how can you leave your cousin’s daughter on a level of calm and do not ask about her illness?” When my cousin saw me, she raised her head and stood up and said to me: “Aziz, did you call her the house I told you? I said: Yes, when I heard him cried and sang another house, and saved him and said my cousin’s daughter: hear me and then cried a loud cry and sang this house:

    He tried the beautiful patience and did not find a heart in the crucifixion

    Then my cousin said: If he went to her habit, Vnchdha this house, which I heard I said to her: Hearing and obedience and then went to the orchard on the habit, and there was between us what was short of the description of the tongue when I wanted to leave the house that sang to him and so on when he heard Salt Madamea in the quarries, and sang the words of the poet:

    If he finds no patience to conceal his secret, he has nothing but death for me

    And I went home when I entered my cousin and her grandmother lying unconscious and my mother sitting at her head, Flam heard my words opened her eyes and said: O Aziz, did you sang the house of poetry? I said to her: Yes, and when I heard him cried and sang this house, he did not find it to the other, and when he heard my cousin’s daughter on her second when I woke up I sang this house:

    We heard our obedience, and then died, and they brought my peace upon every one of the calves

    Then when I came to the night I went to the orchard on my routine and found the boy in waiting for me and we sat and ate and drank and worked luck and then we slept to the morning, when I wanted to leave her sang what my cousin said when I heard that scream cried great and said: God said that this hair has died, She cried and said: Wilk what brings you to say this hair? I said to her: She is my cousin said: I lied and if God was your cousin you would have her love like what you have for you, you killed by God kill you as you killed, and God if you told me that you cousin cousin Maqtk me I told her: My cousin was interpreting the signs Which you are referring to me, which taught me what I do with you and what I have reached you only good management said: Did you know us? I said, “Yes, she said: I felt your love of God on your youth as I felt it on her youth, and then she said to me: I saw her and I went and my hair was muddled, and I was still walking until she reached our alley and I heard Ayata and I asked him about him. He said: Dear, we found her behind the door dead. She said: The sin in your neck, God does not forgive you of her blood. And Shahrazad knew that it was morning so she stop from talking from what she should.

    On the night of the forty-sixth night, she said: I have known you, the happy king, that the young man said to the crown of kings: Then I entered the house when my mother saw me and said, “Damn you from a cousin.” Then my father came and equipped her and we made her funeral and buried her and we worked on her grave for three days. I said to her: My intention is to know what I was doing with her until I got her bitterness, and I, my son, was asking her at all times about the cause of her illness. She did not tell me about him and did not tell me about him. You have to tell me what you were doing with her until she died. I said: What did you do something, she said: God is cut off from you, it is what you mentioned something b Suppressed her until she died happy, and when he died I then opened her eyes and said to me, O God made a woman blind child in the solution of my blood and take him what to do with me, but God brought me to this mortal life to the afterlife remaining. I said to her, O daughter of your safety and the safety of your youth, and I asked her about the cause of her illness. What she said then smiled and said: O woman of my uncle, if your son wants to go to the place where he used to go to him, he says to him saying these two words when he left him. To be Shafiqa it in my life and after my death, and then gave me the need and I did not need you to give it to you until I see you crying on it and the need for me If I saw you on the bank that I gave you I said to her: Show me it I did not agree then I worked my soul and I do not remember the death of my cousin because I was Mindless and I would like myself to be the length of my night and my nostrils when loving And I did not believe that the night I went until I went to the orchard and found the girl sitting on my fire from the great wait, what she believed she saw me and led me to my neck and asked me about my cousin I said to her: She died and worked for her male and seals and went to her four nights and this fifth.

    When she heard this, she shouted and cried and said: “Did I not tell you that you killed her, even if she informed me before her death, that you rewarded her for what she did with me? I told her: My mother told me: Your cousin before you die recommended me and she said to me: If your son wants to go to the place you used to go To him, say to him these two words: Fulfillment is good and treachery is ugly.

    When she heard the boy that she said: God’s mercy on them, they saved you from me and I was forced to harm you, I do not hurt you do not disturb you and surprised by that I said to her: What you want before you interact with me has become between me and you affection? She said to me: You are fond of me, but you are young and your heart is free of deception, you do not know our misdeeds and deceit, even if it was alive was a specific you, it is the cause of your safety until I delivered you from the disaster, and now I advise you not to talk to one and not to address one of our likes not small And do not be great, then Iak you then because you do not know the deception of women and the machinations that explain to you signs have died and I fear you to fall in the titans do not find those who save you after the death of your cousin. And Shahrazad knew that it was morning so she stop from talking from what she should.

    On the night of the forty-seventh night, she said: I have known you, the happy king, that the young man said to the crown of kings: Then the boy said: So I told him about your cousin’s daughter, and she taught me before her death, until I rewarded her for what she did with me. Then and if it was not for you never reach me and I desire you something, I said: What is it? She said: If you get to her grave until I visit her in the grave in which it is written on it Abiata I said to her: in the future, God willing. Then I slept with her that night after every hour she says to me: If you told me your cousin before her death, I said to her: What is the meaning of these two words, which you said are the loyalty and the treason ugly? You did not answer me.

    When the morning became, she took a bag in which she sang and said to me, “Arise and show me her grave until I visit him and write on him. I will work on him as a dome and I will treat her and spend these dinars on her soul. I said to her,” Listen and obey. “Then I walked in front of her and went down behind me. : This charity to the spirit of Azizah, whose secret until she drank the cup of her intentions and did not forget the secret of her passion. And when she saw the tomb, she threw her soul on it and cried very hard. Then she took out a kara from steel and a nice hammer and spoke with a baker on the stone on the top of the grave a nice line and painted these verses:

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      • The tale of lover and lover Part

        My King, when the king heard the story of the young man, marveled at the great wonder and went out of his fire when he heard the beauty of Ms. Dunya, and realized Shahrazad morning and silent about the permissible words.

        And on the 56th night, she said: I have heard from you, the happy King, that Minister Dandan said to the light of the place: Then the crown of kings said to the young man: “Allah has done you something that happened to one of his ideals. But this is the appreciation of your Lord and my destiny.” ? He said, “Describe to me how I saw those boys who photographed the deer.” He said, “My Moulay, I have reached it with a trick. I did not enter the caravan with her. I went out and ran in the orchards, and there were many trees. And he said to me, “Let the daughter of the king go out into the orchard and smell the flowers.” I said to him, “I have the right to sit in this place until I have to have a look.”
        The Shaykh said: There is nothing wrong with that, and when he said that, I gave him some dirham and said to him: Buy something for us to eat, and he rejoiced when he took the dirham and opened the door. He said to me: “I have disappeared and I have disappeared. If I have black feathers I take my head out of the door and he said: ‘Sheikh, the door of the orchard. When I saw her, I thought that the moon came down into the earth To less thirsty Kachtyak to the water and closed the door after an hour and ago.

        Then I went out of the orchard and went to my house and knew that I did not get out of it and I was one of its men, especially as I became like a woman. I said to myself: This is the daughter of the king and I am a merchant. Where should I come from? When my friends are ready to leave, I prepare and travel with them. , And when we came to this road we met you and this is my story and what happened to me and peace.

        When the crown of kings heard that talk, his heart worked with the love of Donia and then he rode his horse and took Aziz with him and went to his father’s city and gave him a house and set him everything he needed. Then he left him and went and his tears were running on his cheek. On that case, even entered by his father and found a variable color, he knew that he was concerned and mummified, he said to him: Oh and tell me about your situation and what happened to you until you change your color and told him all what happened to him from the story of the minimum from the first to the last, and how love to hear and did not see the eye, He said: O my son, that her father is a king and his country is far from us, and he gave you this and entered your mother’s palace.

        And Shahrazad knew that it was morning so she stop from talking from what she should.

        And on the 577th night she said: I have known to you, the happy king, that the father of the crown of kings said to him, “My son, that her father is a king and his country is far from us, so let you enter this palace and enter your mother’s palace. There are five hundred women running like the moons. The kings will be better than the lady Donya said to him: “My father, I do not want others, which is the picture of the deer that I saw, it is necessary, otherwise I go in the wilderness and kill my soul because of it.” He said to him: “O my son, I have the right to send to her father.” With your mother, and if he is not satisfied, his kingdom shall be shaken upon him, and an army shall be stripped of him, the last of which shall be for him J and ole him, then called the young man, Aziz said: Oh I Do you know the way? He said: Yes. He said to him: I desire you to travel with my minister and said to him: listen and obey. Then Aziz prepared with his minister and gave them gifts and traveled for days and nights until they supervised the islands of the camphor and settled on the shore of the river and the minister sent a messenger from him to the king to tell him to come, and after the departure of the Apostle half day did not feel only the veil of the king and his mother had come to them and to take them from the march of Forskh In the service until they entered the king to give him gifts and stayed with him four days and on the fifth day the minister and entered the king and stood in his hands and talk with him and told him because of his arrival, the king became puzzled in response to the answer because his daughter does not like marriage and knocked his head to the ground an hour and then lifted his head To some etc. He said to him: Go to your master Donya and tell her what you heard and what this minister has said. The servant stood up and missed an hour. Then he went back to the king and said to him, “King of time, when I entered Madonna, I told her what I had heard.” I was furious. And she said to me: If he was angry at marriage, I marry him kill him, said her father to the minister and Aziz peace to the king and told him so and my daughter does not like marriage. And Shahrazad knew that it was morning so she stop from talking from what she should.

        And on the night of the 58th night she said: I have known you, the happy king, when the minister and his companions returned without interest and they are still traveling until they entered the king and told him. Then the captives ordered the soldiers to go out for war and jihad. The king, when he heard the minister’s words, feared for his son the crown of kings. He said: If she fought her father and saved his daughter, she killed herself, and then he died. The king informed his son, the crown of kings, of the truth of the matter My father, I can not bear patience with her, I go to her and cause my contact with her, even if I die, and I do not do anything other than this, and his father said to him: How do you go? And he said: I would like to be in a merchant’s position. The king said: If it is necessary to take the minister and Aziz with you, then he took something out of his closet and set up a shop for him with a hundred thousand dinars and agreed with him on that.

        And when the night came, the crown of kings and Aziz went to the house of the minister and Bata there that night and became the crown of the kings of the heart and did not give him food and rest, but the ideas and drowned him in the sea and shook the longing to his beloved Vakfd tears of the eye and sang these two houses:

        Do you see us after the arrival of the arrival and I doubt you my patience and say

        Your memory and the night of the morning morning and Asthrtmoni and sleep gouffle

        When he finished his hair he wept and cried with him Aziz and remember his cousin and still crying until he became the morning and then crown the kings and entered his mother is wearing the gift of travel I asked him about the situation and told the truth of the matter and gave him fifty thousand dinars and then invited him and went out of her and called him safety and social And then he went to his father and asked him permission to go and authorized him and gave him fifty thousand dinars and ordered to strike him a tent and lived in two days and then traveled and Astans the crown of kings Aziz and said to him: My brother, I still can not leave you Aziz said: I am the other and I also love to die under your feet But my brother, my heart, worked with my mother, and the crown of kings said to him: A Maraam inform not only be good. The minister had been the crown of kings Astbbar and became Aziz calls him poems and dates and dates and news and remained at night and night for two months and took the road to the crown of kings and intensified the love and increased by the love and reverence, and when they came from the city joy of the crown of the kings of joy, And continue until they reach the land market. And when the merchants saw the crown of the kings and saw his beauty and beauty, their minds were diverted and they began to say: Did Radwan open the doors of the jinn and distracted them, so this handsome young man came out and some of them said: Perhaps this is one of the angels. When they entered the merchants, they asked about the shop of the Sheikh of the market. To whom he and his merchants were, and they were magnified, especially the long-term minister, they saw him as a great man, with the crown of kings and Aziz. The merchants said to each other: There is no doubt that this is the sheikh and the father of these two young men. And they said, “Behold, the Minister looked at him, and his hope, and he saw him as a great man of prestige, glory, servants, and servants. Then the Sheikh of the Souk greeted them with a greeting of loved ones and an adult in honoring them and sitting them on his side and saying to them: Do you need a victory? The minister said: Yes, I am a big man old age and these two boys and I traveled by other regions and the country and entered the town did not stay for a full year to look at them and know her family and I have come to this country and chose the place and I want you shop is one of the best places to sit them to trade Or look at this city and create the ethics of its people and learn to sell, buy, take and give, said Sheikh market: that is okay.

        Then he looked at the boys and rejoiced with them and loved them more love. The Sheikh of the market was fond of your moments. The boys loved the girls and tended to the acidity. He said to himself: Praise be to their Creator and their photographers of humiliating water. Then he stood in their service like a young man in their hands. In the middle of the market and was not bigger than them and do not draw from them because they were large decorated with shelves of ivory and Ebony, and then handed the keys to the minister in the form of a merchant said: God made blessing on you and when the minister took the keys shop went to the boys and put their belongings and ordered their boys to They shall transfer to them all that they have Lost cloth, realized Scheherazade morning Vsktaat talking patency.

        And on the night of the fifty-ninth night, she said: I have known to you, the happy king, that the minister did not tell his men to transport the goods and the cloth. It was worth the money. They transferred all that to the shop and that night when the morning became the minister and the pigeon came in. When they entered the bathroom, And each of the young men with a brilliant beauty and they were in the bathroom to say the poet:

        Bushra met him as he touched his hand

        A body born between water and light

        He still has a taste of his industry

        Until the musk of the statue of camphor

        Then they came out of the bathroom and the market elder was not heard when they entered the bathroom and sat waiting for them, and if they had been accepted, they were like gazelles, and their cheeks were red and their eyes were darkened and their colors were glowing, even as if they were fruitful branches or bright lambs. He said to them, “My children are always with you. , And then the two before his hands and walking before him until they arrived at the shop to maximize him because it is a great market and has been good to them by giving them shop, when he saw their buttocks in concussion increased by the presence of incense and scorn and necks and left Almstabra Vahdq them eyes and sang these two houses:


        The heart sees the door of jurisdiction

        It does not read the subject of the company

        Do not be too dumb in being elated by saying

        So how much rotary astronomy of its movement

        When he heard this hair, he agreed to enter the bathroom two times and they left the minister inside the bathroom. When the market elder entered the bathroom, the second time the minister heard his entry, he went out to him and met him in the middle of the bathroom and he decided to refrain from holding one of his hands with the crown of kings. And he said to him: "They are your children," said the Sheikh of the market, "may Allah keep you." In our city, blessings and blessings have come upon you and your followers will come. Then I will send these two houses:

        I have come and have given us usury

        It has blossomed with flowers for the dead

        And called the earth and above it

        Welcome to the future

        They thanked him for this, and the crown of the kings still protected him and Aziz pours water on him and he thinks his soul in heaven until he finishes his service. He called them and sat next to the minister as he spoke to him, but most of his intention was to look at the crown of kings and Aziz and then the boys came to them with towels. Then he said to him, Sir, that the bathroom is Naim al-Dunya. The Sheikh of the market said: Allaah has made you and your children healthy and God has given them the evil of the eye. Do you keep anything of what Balogha said in the bathroom? The crown of kings said:

        Living a bath is the best way to live

        But the place is small

        A paradise where you hate to live

        Hell calls for entry

        When he finished the crown of the kings of his hair Aziz said, I keep in the bathroom nothing, said Sheikh market I hear him Vnchd these two houses:

        And his house of rock-solid flowers

        Stylish if you set fire to it

        You see him in hell and he is in the right paradise

        And most of them are suns and moons

        When Aziz finished his hair, the Sheikh of the market marveled at their hair and said, "By God, you have made sense of clarity and navigation, so hear from me,

        O good fire and the torment of the torment

        Long live life and life

        I marveled at the house still blissful

        It burns and burns under it

        Live pleasure if it is pain

        His tears shed him

        When they heard this, they marveled at these verses. Then the sheikh of the market decided on them, so they stopped and went to their house to rest from the tiring of the bathroom. Then they ate and drank and they came that night in their house. In what is full of luck and pleasure when the morning became from sleep and wudu and continued to impose them and became, and when the day came and opened shops and markets came out of the house and went to the market and opened the shop and the boys had prepared the best body and brushing the silk carpet and put two ranks each one worth one hundred dinars And they placed on top of each order a molten nugget of gold.

        The throne of kings sat on the throne and sat Aziz on the other and the minister in the middle of the shop and stopped the boys in their hands and listened to people Vazdmoa them and sold some of their clothes and popular mention of the crown of kings in the city and famous news of his good and beauty and then lived on that days and every day people rush to them The crown of kings and recommended him to conceal his command and recommended Aziz and went to the house to run something to benefit them and became the crown of kings and Aziz talking and became the crown of kings say that may come from Ms. Dunya and still the crown of kings on that days and nights when he does not sleep has been able to love and increased by alcohol And even free M Delicious dream and abstained from drink and food was Calder in Tamamh while the crown of the kings sitting and if the old I accepted it. And Shahrazad knew that it was morning so she stop from talking from what she should.

        And on the sixty-first night, she said: I have known you, the happy king, while the crown of the kings is sitting, and if a man came to him, and came forward to him, From the water insulting Hallelujah made you sedition for the world and you still reflect on it and say: What this human that this is only the king of Karim and then mastered him and handed him an individual peace be upon her standing on foot and smiled in the face all this with a signal Aziz then sit next to him and went to her That rest, then the old woman said to the crown of kings: O my son O full descriptions and meanings Are you from these homes? The Crown of the Kings said: "O God, my dear lady, I have not entered these houses except this time, and I did not stay there except in the way of seeing." She said: "You have the honor of the one who is coming on the mercy and the capacity. What I came with you from the cloth shows me something salty. Melih.

        When the crown of kings heard the words of his heart, he did not understand the meaning of her words, Vgmz Aziz Aziz pointed to her Crown Kings: I have everything you desire of the thing that is only suitable for the kings and daughters of kings so you want to turn you what works for his knees and wanted that speech to understand the meaning of her words : I want a cloth suitable for Lady Dunia bint King Shahraman. And when he heard the crown of the kings, his beloved said joy with great joy, and said to Aziz, Bring me with the best of what you have of the merchandise, and Aziz brought him to Baqqah and dissolved it in his hands. Then the crown of kings said to her, "Choose what works for her. This thing is not for anyone else." The old woman chose something worth 1000 dinars. She said to her, "Do you want to be like you in this despicable thing?" Praise be to Allaah who introduced me to you. The old man said to him, "I seek refuge in your face, Her good like you. The Crown of the Kings laughed at him until he lay on his waft and then he said: O judge of the needs at the hands of the old women who are ungodly. He said: My name is the crown of the kings. She said: This is the name of the kings, but you are in the form of merchants. Aziz said to her: From his love to his family and his condolences upon them, His Highness by this name. And the old woman said: God has ratified the evil of evil, even if you have the good people. Then she took the cloth and went on with a dim light of his beauty and beauty and moderation, and she did not walk until she entered Mrs. Dunya and said to her: Madam, I came to you with a cloth and said to her, "Madam, behold, he is his tribe and his eyes. And when Donya saw him, she said to her, "My mother, this is a fine cloth, which I have seen in our city." The old woman said, "My lady, if his salesman is better than him, Radwan opened the gates of the jinn and went out. The merchant who sells this cloth came out of her. Nhudk, it is a fitnah for those who see it has come to our city fabrics for the sake of watching, Ms. Dunya laughed from the words of the old and here realized Shahrazad morning and silent about the permissible words.

        On the 61st night, she said, "I have known to you, the happy King, that Mrs. Donia laughed at the old man's words and said, 'I have betrayed you, old man, you are drowsy, you have lost your mind, and then you said,' Look, look at him, look at him a little, And she was impressed by the good cloth that she saw in her old age. The old woman said to her: "Madam, if you saw his friend, I knew that he was the best on earth," said Mrs. Dunya. "Did you ask him if he had a need to teach us? The old woman said, shaking her head: "God save you, and you have a need, and does anyone have a need?" She said to her: "Go to the crown of kings in time." When he saw her, his heart flew out of joy and rose to her standing on his feet and took her hand and sat down next to him, and when he saw her, When I heard this, he said to Aziz, "Give me a fatwa," and he said to him, "Do you have a book from me and answer me?" And a pen and a pen of brass, and when he came with these tools wrote these verses:

        I wrote to you, my question is a book

        By the pain of separation

        First, the lines of my heart's fire

        The second is Grammy and my thirst

        And the third is Omri and Sabri

        And the fourth is all the rest

        And when the fifth eye accumulated

        And the sixth day of the day of the meeting

        Then he wrote in his commentary: This book is a prisoner of lusts imprisoned in the prison of lusts, which has no launch except by communication even if the imagination because it is suffering the painful punishment of the separation of loved ones, and then spread the tears of the eye and wrote these two houses:

        I wrote unto thee,

        The tear of the eye has no interruption

        I am not ashamed of the glory of my Lord

        May a day be a meeting

        Then he folded the book and sealed it and gave it to the old woman. He said: I send him to Mrs. Dunya. She said, "Listen and obey." Then he gave her a thousand dinars. He said, "Kiss me this gift. I took her and went away calling him, and she did not walk until she entered Mrs. Dunya. The needs until we spend it? She said to her: Madam, he sent a book with me and I do not know what it is, and I read it and understood its meaning. Then she said: "Where do you go from where to this merchant to write me and write me?" Then she smelled her face and said, "If it were not for my fear of Allaah, I would have crucified him on his shop."

        And the old woman said: And anything in this book even bother your heart Is there a dark complaint or the price of cloth? She said to her: Woe you what is in it and only love and love and all this from you, otherwise it is from this devil to reach this talk, the old lady said: Madam, you base in your high palace and up to you one bird bird, your safety of blame and blame and what you From the barking of dogs, do not bother me where I come to this book, but the opinion I have to return to him an answer and threaten him with death and stop this delirium it ends and does not return to do.

        "When I heard the threat and the promise came back from what it was, she said: Ali Badawi and Qartas and a pen of copper, when they brought these tools, wrote these verses:

        O prosecutor of love and Balawi with vigilance

        And the meeting of the found and thought

        I want the connection, you cocky of moon

        Does a man get the moon?

        I advise you what you are asking for

        Then you are short in this danger

        If you return to this talk, it is lost

        Atak me a torment plus damage


      • Hi Have you observed yourself doing something because you have always done it? Do you hold on to certain activities, styles, methods because you have a reputation for them? Do you do something because you know you’re good at it and you might not be good at doing something else?

        I have observed these things about myself and realized that I am avoiding change because it hurts my pride. I like having the reputation of being well-balanced in all that I do. I like the idea that I’m well-rounded and able to juggle motherhood and everything else. I have held myself to a certain standard of quality and consistency and hate admitting that I can maintain that standard without letting go of certain activities I’ve always done.

        It’s humbling to say I can’t do it all. That means I’ve dropped the ball on more than one occasion. It means I’ve messed up more than I care to acknowledge. It means I have to say “ta ta for now” to things I truly enjoy doing and people I enjoy interacting with on a regular basis.

        But it’s also freeing. It means I can linger a little more, breathe a little deeper, and focus a little longer. It means that I know what my priorities are and I’m upholding them. It means that what I’m keeping is going to flourish with extra cultivation and I have made peace with the things I’m letting go.

        Change is hard but it is healthy. It is indicator of growth in life and in character. It’s ok to be wistful when encountering change, but it’s also ok to allow it to refresh you.

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  3. I’m not sure why but this blog is loading extremely slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a problem on my end? I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists.


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