First there were The Thought Police, then the Political Correctness Police and now The Cultural Police….What’s Next?


Many of us went to colleges and universities and took classes from certain professors that insisted we think the way they do. They had a prescribed philosophy and gave us books that agreed with their train of thought. If you didn’t agree with the professor when you turned in your papers, you were downgraded to a low C, D or F.  These professors were part of “The Thought Police” and they were sanctioned by the university to penalize you if you didn’t fall into line with them. 


We got out of school, and we thought, “Great, I don’t have to be subjected to that kind of thought control anymore.” But no, that didn’t happen. We got out in society and we found out there was a different kind of police, “The Political Correctness Police,” and they were very real. If you got close to anyone on either end of the political spectrum, be it on the right or left, you could be arrested by one of “The Political Correctness Police” because you didn’t actually believe exactly the way they did. What a shock it was to find out there were people outside of academia who were trying to control what we thought politically.


Now, there is a new kind of policemen in our midst. They are known as “The Cultural Police.” Step out of line and you will be shamed for improper cultural appropriation. The fact that this is all subjective, depending on the policeman who arrests you, is immaterial. You break the law, boom! You are arrested and shamed on facebook, twitter or other social media.

So what kind of policeman is next on the horizon? Who knows and what can we do about it? How can we stay ahead of whatever will be the next kind of thought control that will be thrown our way?


If we want to stay ahead of the next kind of policeman, we must begin to think critically. Ask questions, do research and don’t fall into a hive mentality where we go along with the crowd just because it is the easiest thing to do. It will take guts to think outside the box and take a chance on not agreeing with whoever is trying to force us to think the way they do. Remember as my father used to say, “God gave you a good brain, use it!”








13 thoughts on “First there were The Thought Police, then the Political Correctness Police and now The Cultural Police….What’s Next?

  1. I really enjoyed this deep post. It has reminded me to be ready and be prayed up enough to stand my ground and to think for myself! Thank you.

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  2. Yes, there are too many ways for us to be wrong these days. Thinking and behaving the way we were raised is one way. The other way as has been pointed out is to pray for what is right and carry it out. Thanks for this very thoughtful post Valerie !!

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    • You’re welcome. I had to write something after that poor teenager was harassed by the media for wearing the beautiful Chinese Cheongsam to her prom! There is a level of lunacy, conformity and uniformity in social media today. People must learn to think for themselves and research the truth!

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      • Yes, and the sad things is, as in the case of this teenager, is that thousands of people will jump on the bandwagon and repeat the thought or comment without ever thinking about it themselves!

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      • some people do not take the time to read all the blogs they come across thoroughly for themselves. I wish along with you they would. It is important for all of us to understand what is coming at us.


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