Two Narratives – Two Parallel Realities – Can We Ever Know The Truth?

pexels-photo-634046.jpegIn this country, I hear two distinct narratives being fed to the American people. If I listen to the left-leaning outlet, the Republicans have colluded with Russia and the election was affected by it, etc., etc., etc. If I listen to the right-leaning outlet, the Democrats have unduly influenced their own primaries and their candidate is hip deep in her own Russian scandal, etc., etc., etc. There seems to be no middle ground, and the listeners of both of these outlets get fed one biased story after another.

If a person only listens to one news outlet, he or she begins to believe the narrative that is being purveyed and one’s perception of reality becomes tainted by it. I have met and talked with people who are hard core listeners of their favorite news outlet and they seem to be in lock-step with the information they are taking in. They believe what they have heard is true and don’t seem to take in account any kind of level of bias that might be influencing them. They then become comfortable with and live in their own alternate reality.

There are a large number of people in this country who live in one alternate reality or another. They seem to be divided up along party lines with the belief that the people who belong to the opposing political party are as bad as the party itself. I find this phenomenon troubling, to say the least.

Along with the biased pap and gruel that the outlets are feeding their listeners, there seems also to be a  level of hostility that is being conveyed to them. People are separating from others with different political views believing that they are a negative influence in our society. People have gone so far as to place people with opposing political views in a sort of “enemy camp.”

Let’s stop being sheep and believing one side or another. Let’s start searching for truth wherever we can find objective truth being disseminated. Let’s quit thinking “our side is totally right and the other side is totally wrong.” Let’s open our mind to the fact that we are all Americans and have a right to our opinions and let’s start respecting others regardless of their political beliefs.

Only when we begin to value all of our fellow Americans can we ever hope to come to the truth about the issues facing us. We do need different views in order to find solutions to the problems that plague our society. If we want to live in a true reality, we must be willing to seek truth wherever it may be found and follow it to its conclusion no matter how uncomfortable it is.

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