The Press Gets Played Like A Fiddle Every Time

pexels-photo-37719.jpegAll through the campaign and now during the Trump presidency, I have watched him play the media over and over. “There is no such thing as bad publicity,” is a quote often attributed to P.T. Barnum. It would seem to me that the President believes this and takes advantage of the media practically on a daily basis.

Time and again, I have watched the President make offhand remarks that could be construed as offensive. Sometimes the remarks are downright offensive, and the media has picked them up and ranted and raved about them incessantly. Most of the statements that the press has made into issues of national import could easily have been ignored and the press could have focused it’s time and energy on matters of true national importance.

There ARE real matters of national importance, and it seems the press cannot bring itself to focus on them because the President keeps saying things that drive them crazy. I had an uncle who used to do the same thing, i.e. if things were too quiet he would make some outrageous statement and everyone in the family would focus on it. He would sit back smiling as he watched everyone react to what he said.

I see this played out over and over again on a national level. This week it is about what he said to a Gold Star widow and every newscast in the country led with it. Of course, we all care about the feelings of the wife of one of our brave soldiers who gave his life for our country, but the press has made it into a side show. Again they have been duped into spending their time criticizing the President for a poor choice of words instead of focusing on the real issues that are going on in the country. Have you heard anything about Houston, Florida or Puerto Rico this week?

As a person who would like to watch the news without this drama being continually played out, I would like to say to the press, “Stop it! Don’t take the bait. Don’t continue to totally focus on the foibles of this President. We will all be much happier and better informed if you will focus on the issues that concern us.”

If you don’t think what I’m saying is true, think back on the election. Hillary Clinton could not get any traction because the press was continually focused on Donald Trump. Most of the focus was negative, to be sure, but he still held their attention and they continually reported on him. The press seems to be proving P.T. Barnum correct and it is a shame to be sure.




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