Just For Today People

hands-walking-stick-elderly-old-person.jpgThe book of James tells us that our lives are like “a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.” When I read those words in my twenties and thirties, I understood them but they didn’t speak to me as strongly as they do thirty years later. Now, looking back on my life, it does seem like a vapor that has come and can be gone very quickly.

There are many people like me, people who are at an age that they know every day could be their last day. Although there are never any guarantees, just the sheer number of our years lets us know that we are living in the last days of our last years.

With this in mind, a person tends to live a more deliberate life and wants every day to count in a more positive way. These people, like myself, are “Just For Today People.” Here are a few thoughts that might help us “Just for Today People” live in a more meaningful way:

Just for Today, I will love my neighbor as myself. I will not be jealous of what he has or what he does and I will be content with what I have and what I can do.

Just for Today, I will try to make a difference in someone’s life. I will speak in a more positive tone and extend kindness to those I meet.

Just for Today, I will care about others who live in a different state or country. I will be interested in the problems they are experiencing and if I can, I will do something about them. If I cannot give, I can still pray for them to experience relief.

Just for Today, I will learn something new. I will focus my mind beyond my own sphere of influence.

Just for Today, I will promote peace. I will not be drawn into negative conversations that only cause division and harm others.

Just for Today, I will seek to be the person God created me to be and not be a lesser version of myself.

And finally, Just for Today, I will look up and expect good things from my Creator. I will enjoy what He has placed around me and will look with wonder on His creation.






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