“Lord, make it easy.”

pexels-photo-256894.jpegI have a friend that is faced with a difficult life choice. She needs to make a decision but has been fighting it. She is making it difficult for herself and for her family. I would love to see her make the decision and move on with her life. As I was praying for her the other evening, I said, “Lord, make it easy for her.”

Almost immediately, another thought came into my mind, “No, it must be hard.” So I thought about that for a while. Yes, that is right. If things are not difficult, many times we will not make the decisions we need to make.

We lived in a town for decades and had a lot of friends and a good life. My husband would not consider moving closer to our kids until he had some medical issues and our lives became difficult. Now we are close to our children and are right where we need to be as we get older.

Same thing for another friend I have. Her husband did not want to move until his job became untenable. Now they have returned home after a few decades away from friends and family. They are in just the right place and will be able to use their gifts and talents in a new way around people they know and love.

So apparently, difficult times can be our friends if they motivate us to do things we would not otherwise consider. When we are comfortable with our lives, we seldom change and take risks, even the ones we should be taking.

As I look back over my life, I see difficulties from a different perspective. They have been motivators for change and most of that change has been for the better. The changes have caused me to meet new people, try new jobs and experience life in a way I would not have otherwise done. And now,  I am learning to thank the Lord for both the good and the hard things that have come my way.


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