A Glimpse


Have you ever been given a glimpse of something? Perhaps you were at a party and saw someone who had been drinking too much. He started saying things he would not normally say and you had a glimpse of what might be hidden deep in his heart. What about a glimpse of something on a larger scale? Have you ever been given a glimpse of something like that?

Those of us who study prophecy and end-time events have been given several glimpses in the last few decades of what future events might look like. To name a few, there was the tsunami that occurred in the Pacific and Indian Oceans several years ago. We had a glimpse of how hundreds of thousands of people could be wiped out in less than a day. It was staggering to see the incredible loss of life and economic damage that occurred. After that, we saw a person running for national office and watched tens of thousands of people worldwide turn out to listen to him. We had a glimpse of how people could be totally enamored by a charismatic figure they believed could rescue the world from its own destructive tendencies.

Now, God in His infinite mercy has given us another glimpse. With the current worldwide pandemic, we have seen how a disease can spread around the globe in a relatively short amount of time. We’ve watched how it can affect healthcare systems and how economies can be on the brink of collapse within a matter of weeks.  I even heard a commentator speak of how this epidemic could crash the world economy. Surely, if our hope is in our money, stocks, securities or 401 Ks, we must realize they will become worthless in the face of a total economic collapse.

Those of us who believe in end-time events, the Tribulation and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ see these glimpses as precursors of what is to come in perhaps the not too distant future. If you are a materialist and believe that none of these events have any spiritual significance, I would implore you to take a second look at what is happening. Perhaps there is more to all of the turbulence in the world than simple naturalistic cause and effect. 

At some point, the current crisis will pass and the world will return to business as usual. As the inconvenience of our current situation fades, will we forget about what we have seen and what we have experienced? Again, God in His infinite mercy has given us a glimpse of what is to come. He wants us to turn to Him, seek Him and look to His Son, Jesus Christ, for our ultimate Salvation. In the end, other than Him, there will be nothing left to protect us from what might be approaching on the horizon. 

Image by Lisa Runnels. Courtesy of Pixabay.