Taxis vs. Ubers: Vehicles for Delivery

panning photography of yellow taxi

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Do you remember taking taxis when you needed a ride? You called the company, requested a ride and waited twenty minutes for them to show up. You were taken where you needed to go, then you paid the driver and gave him a tip. It’s not so different with Ubers. You order one online and depending on the closeness of the vehicle, someone may be there to pick you up, sometimes in as few as five minutes. There are advantages to each one, although cost-wise Uber is the best value by far. The destination is the same as if you ordered a taxi but the delivery vehicle is different.

pile of books

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Having taken the plunge again into the world of publication again, I noticed that the stats on Amazon were higher for the Kindle version vs. the print version. When you order a Kindle version, it comes to the Kindle immediately, costs a lot less and you can begin reading as soon as you want to. It’s no surprise that Kindle is much more popular than print.When you order a print book online, it costs a lot more and you may have to wait a few days or even a week to get your book. The final result is the same, i.e. you have read the book, only the vehicle for delivery is different. 

It’s all a matter of preference. For me, I prefer to have a print book in my hand when I read. I underline, highlight and make notes when I need to. I have friends that for them, it is all about the Kindle. Fast, easy and cheap, they can buy as many books as they want to because it is so affordable.

Taxis vs. Ubers, Print vs. Kindle…same destination…different vehicles for delivery. Which do you prefer and why?