Don’t Trust the Sherpa Completely

In the middle of the Cascade Range in Oregon there is a group of mountains called The Three Sisters. Each one can be climbed, but the level of difficulty is different. The South Sister is supposed to be a fairly easy climb, the Middle Sister is a bit harder and the North Sister is a technical climb, meaning you will need mountain climbing equipment to make it to the top safely.

My husband met a man who took groups up the Middle Sister and he wanted to go again as he had climbed it when he was a teenager. We met the man and he told us what we would need to prepare for the climb. He said, “You won’t need an ice ax or crampons, just good boots. So okay, we were in. 

Several of us went including my back-packing buddy, Ann. It took several hours, but most of us were able to make it to the top. A few couldn’t quite make it up because they began to have problems with the altitude. They would be picked up on the way down.woman-1209866_1280 

The view from the top of the mountain was magnificent. Looking north, we could see several mountains in the Cascades including a few in Washington. Looking south we had a different panoramic view extending into California. We could see hundreds of miles in any direction. It was spectacular to say the least. We stayed up there for a while, then decided to descend.

There was another man in the group who was also a leader. He was going to take everyone down the mountain as the man we talked to wanted to glissade down one of the glaciers. My husband wanted to try it, and why Ann and I followed, I will never know. So off our Sherpa went. He took out his ice axe and went down. My husband followed without an ice axe and told us to be careful as there was a crevasse down at the bottom. Ann and I held hands as we slid down the glacier on our bottoms. My husband waited at the bottom to keep us from going into the crevasse.  Slowly, ever so slowly, we went down. Then we carefully walked across the glacier and got on the main path that led down the mountain.

adventure alpine climb cold

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To say that Ann and I were angry is an understatement. We felt that it wasn’t safe to go down the glacier without an ice ax and crampons would have been very helpful as we traversed the glacier. Should I have done more research before I went and not have totally relied on my Sherpa’s advice? Probably, yes. 

The leader that talked to us was right, of course. To go up and down the mountain normally you would not need extra equipment. To do anything else, it would have been wise to have it. That experience taught me not to trust my Sherpa completely. I learned that whatever situation I am in, I must take responsibility for myself and do my own research and decide what will be needed for whatever undertaking I intend to proceed with. Then, and only then, can I make an informed decision and be prepared for wherever I am going and whatever I am doing.hiking-1582295_1280 photo by cssharker courtesy of pixabay

It is unwise to follow blindly and trust anyone completely. Humans are fallible and anyone can give us wrong or incomplete information. We each need to be responsible for ourselves and not trust our Sherpa completely. After all, you never know when you will be in a situation where you need an ice axe or crampons (or anything else for that matter)!

Politicians, Producers and Pedophiles – How Can We Protect Ourselves?

night-television-tv-theme-machines.jpgIn the last few weeks, we have had more revelations about people in the media who have taken advantage of people who have less power than they do. Most of us do not run in those circles, but we all have been in a position where someone older, stronger, and more powerful than we are have tried to take advantage of us. How can we do our best to prevent it?

1. Don’t Be There

When my husband and son took Aikido, the first premise they were taught is: Don’t Be There. Think about where you are going and who you are going with and if you don’t think it might be safe or if the people you are going with are questionable, don’t go with them. We can avoid a lot of problems by just not going to places we shouldn’t with people we shouldn’t be with in the first place.

2. Don’t Trust Everyone

Don’t trust people just because they are in a position that should make them trustworthy. People need to earn your trust. I don’t care if the person is a teacher, professor, priest, pastor, coach, doctor, parent or any other person that is supposed to be looking out for your good; don’t automatically trust them. People have to earn your trust.

3. Speak Up

If someone says or does something that crosses a line; speak up. People don’t have a right to disrespect us or harass us sexually. Find someone you do trust and tell them what you have experienced, even if you don’t think it is that big of a thing. People who are predators usually have a pattern of behavior, and you will not be the first to complain about the person who tried to take advantage of you.

4. Don’t Want Something So Bad You Are Willing To Compromise Yourself To Get It

If you are trying to reach a goal, get a job, promotion or any other thing, don’t cross the line of your own integrity in order to achieve it. It might look like an easy way to get the A, job or promotion, but in the end, you will be sorry you took it. Stay on course, even if it is harder to do it the right way. You will be glad you did, and will be able to look yourself in the mirror every morning.

5. Know You Are A Person Of Value

No matter who you are, what you have, where you have come from or what you have done in the past;  know you are a person of great value to the Lord. You are precious, and no one has the right to take advantage of you. 

6. Don’t Be Passive

If you are in a situation where someone is trying to take advantage of you, FIGHT.  Don’t accept what is happening to you: if you can, try to get away. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU!!!!!