Civility in the Public Discourse

conversation-799448_1920I was so pleased when the recent election cycle ended. Like many of you, it seemed like I was in the middle of a pitched battle with arrows flying over my head and bullets aimed at targets on either side of me. When it was finally over, I felt like I had been grazed by bullets and pricked by arrows aimed at someone else. You see, I am a centrist and try to look at issues from both sides before making my choices. That puts me pretty much in the middle of the political debate.

This year’s political rhetoric was particularly toxic, and it was a relief when the election was over, or so I thought. Instead of diminishing, the political climate in Washington has continued to heat up and the temperature is practically at a boiling point. I’ve been thinking about how change can be affected in this area.

I would love to wait for our political leadership to tamp down their tone and lead us by example. Unfortunately, this may never happen. I am proposing that each of us add a level of civility when speaking about our elected officials. Let’s try not to malign their character when we don’t agree with their views on a particular subject. Let’s debate ideas but keep the name calling to a minimum.

Please join the conversation.