“Of Whom the World Was Not Worthy”

Yesterday when I was doing some sewing for my husband, I thought, “Gee, I would love to call the woman who taught me this skill.” Later on in the evening, I Googled her name and saw her phone number. I knew it was a God occurrence because I have tried to find her many times over the past several years and was unable to do so.

So I called her and we talked for about a half an hour. She shared her life with me and it impacted me greatly. She had followed her profession and then had gotten sick. She returned home until she recovered. At some point after that, her father became ill and her mother couldn’t care for him by herself. She chose to help her mother care for her father and then later when her mother couldn’t take care of herself, she chose to help her until she passed. Throughout the years, she had some difficult health issues to deal with also.

What struck me about her was her attitude. She had the same sweet innocence about her that she had when I knew her decades ago. She is a strong believer in Jesus and has relied upon Him to take care of her all of these years. After we hung up, I thought about her for several hours. When I got into bed, I continued thinking about her. She is certainly one of those people that doesn’t fit in any kind of a mold. I was praying about her and the phrase came into my mind, “Of whom the world is not worthy.”

This phrase is from the Hebrews 11:38 in Scripture where the writer is describing those who followed God and how the world mistreated them; i.e. “the world was not worthy of them.” They are people who followed their faith to the end and suffered persecution and deprivation because of their beliefs.

In a world of selfishness, greed and self-centeredness, those who lay down their lives to help others stand out. Those who manage to maintain their innocence in the midst of the evil in this world stand out even more. I have only known one other person like this in my life. To describe it in a different way, these people are truly pure in heart.

What is the takeaway for us? Romans 16:19 tells us to “be wise about what is good and innocent about what is evil.” If we want to be pure in heart, we must turn our eyes, minds and hearts away from what is evil in this world. It is everywhere but we must set our hearts to not participate in it. I don’t know about you, but I would love to be “wise about what is good and innocent about what is evil.” At the end of our lives, our character will be a reflection of the choices we have made. Lord, help us to choose the good and not the evil!

Image by Prigarci. Courtesy of Pixabay.

Shooting Buffalo

brown bison

Photo by Lukas Kloeppel on Pexels.com

Where I used to live in Oregon, there was a ranch about fifty miles north that had a herd of buffalo (bison). They advertised hunts and people from around the world would come there to shoot buffalo. After they shot them, they would take home the head, cape and whatever other parts of the animal they wanted to. When they returned home, I’m sure they told their friends about it and their friends were probably wowed. “Way to go,” they probably exclaimed.

The only problem with this scenario is that buffalo are like cattle. They stand in the field and stare at you. A person can walk up to them and easily shoot them from fifty or a hundred yards. They will not even move…there is no sportsmanship required at all for the hunt. 

It reminds me of the politicians today who stand with the violent mob and say it is okay to loot, deface property and burn down buildings. They think it is okay to topple statues instead of letting the people of their cities and states make an informed decision on the matter. They go along with the crowd when the crowd says, “Defund the Police!” I even heard one political operative say yesterday that social workers should be sent into domestic disturbances instead of the police. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

The only problem with this scenario is that the elected officials who say those things are only standing with the violent mob. It takes no courage whatsoever to agree and placate those voices that want to enact change by violent methods. As a mother of a former police officer, I know firsthand that the most dangerous call a policeman can respond to is one involving domestic violence. Really, send in a social worker to deescalate the situation? When I hear this lunacy coming from our elected officials, I just shake my head. Doesn’t anyone remember the French Revolution? No one was safe, not even the people that agreed with the violent mob. The mob eventually came for them also. So when our elected officials are praised by their likeminded peers and are admired for their stands condoning the violence, remember they are just shooting buffalo. No skill, wisdom or courage required!