The Eyes of Faith

Have you ever been praying for someone and you only see them as they are? Maybe they are making a bunch of mistakes. Perhaps they are sabotaging themselves at every turn. Their behavior has made you think of them and react towards them in a certain way. We seem to be locked into seeing them in a negative light and we treat them accordingly.

Perhaps we need to take some time and think about how the Lord would like their lives to be. What would that look like? If we can come up with a positive picture of them in our minds, then perhaps we can pray for them that way. We would be seeing them with the Eyes of Faith. Faith that when God intervenes in their lives, their lives will look much different.

The amazing thing about this is that when we can do that, we begin to treat them differently. We begin to treat them with more respect and we are not so negative towards them. We speak to them about the possibilities in their lives and try to help them see a different future for themselves.

When they can see themselves in a different light, it helps to dispel their negative self-image and sometimes they can believe in themselves again. People who are caught in a negative cycle of behavior have lost hope for themselves and their actions may just become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Is there someone you need to begin to look at with the Eyes of Faith? I know there is in my sphere. Remember the Scriptures say, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.” Hebrews 11:1 Let’s hope for the best and see those caught in a negative spiral with the Eyes of Faith. It just may help change their world.

Image by Daniel Hannah. Courtesy of Pixabay.


Grief, like a blanket, envelopes the room. I lay awake in bed thinking about the relative that took his own life and wonder, “Why?” I think about his pain but mostly about the pain of those left behind: his sisters, his cousins, his niece and nephews. I hang on to hope. The hope that comes from the Lord knowing that He is with all of us at this time. I thank God for the Holy Spirit, the Blessed Comforter, who comforts us in our distress.

I am forever grateful that the Lord knows our pain and can heal even the most broken heart. How could we ever hope to survive without Him?

Image by Karen Nadine. Courtesy of Pixabay.

A Rorschach Test

Life is like a Rorschach Test. It’s all in how you look at it. For decades, psychologists have given people Rorschach tests. They are shown an image of an inkblot and then tell the psychologist what they see. Everyone perceives them a little bit differently. Life is sort of like that.

Each day, we are confronted with a host of problems and different circumstances. How we navigate them is mostly determined by how we perceive them. For instance, let’s say a truck drove by your house and a small log fell off the back of it. At first you would get the log out of the street and place it on your sidewalk, hoping the truck would come back and pick it up. After a few days however, if it hadn’t been picked up, you would move it onto your property and decide what to do with it.

Some people would just see it as a problem and wonder how they could get rid of it. Others would see potential in the log. One might see it as a plant stand and place it by their front door and put a beautiful plant on it. A woodcarver may see the log and think he could sculpt an image from it. Someone else might think he could cut it up in rounds and make a design on a wall with the pieces. Another might view it as a source of firewood to warm his house. However, if you had a toothpick factory, you would look at that log for what it could yield; hundreds if not thousands of toothpicks. You would view each part of it as having potential. Very few people have the ability to see the log that way.

If only we could only see the problems that come our way with that kind of perspective. Every problem has the potential to help us with our character development and add something positive to our lives. Will we trust God with the problems we face and turn to Him for the answers or will we just gut them out and try to get rid of them? However we decide to face them will ultimately decide the amount of good we will gain as we walk through each one of them.

We all get a choice as to how we view our lives and the problems we face. And just like a Rorschach image, it’s all in our perspective.

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

Image by Edith Luthil. Courtesy of Pixabay

Hanging on to Hope in a Broken World

pexels-photo-357891.jpegSometimes when I watch the nightly news, I come away feeling a sense of hopelessness. The problems of this world seem so big that I wonder if there are enough people out there to help fix them. What can I, one person, do to make a difference and help add hope to a world that is in such short supply of it?

It seems that if we want to make a difference in the world, we must take action. We must find the problem that touches our heart the most and seek to help in that area. Sometimes we wonder if we would have to organize a solution to the problem, but most of the time someone has gone before us and there is a group of people already working in the area that concerns us.

If we are concerned about hunger, we can find many groups in our community trying to help solve the problem. There are food banks, soup kitchens, senior citizen centers and many church groups working tirelessly to help feed those in need.

Are we upset about the lack of literacy in our young people? Any school in our community would love to have a volunteer teach kids to read. And what about the silent problem, adult literacy? There are places we can volunteer and help an adult learn to read and write. Opening the world of books to an adult can be one of the most rewarding experiences we will ever have.

I know seeing the homeless on the street bothers each one of us. We can volunteer at our local rescue mission or homeless shelter and help give someone a hot meal and a place to sleep at night.

If we want to help kids rescued from sex trafficking, we must do a little digging to find where to help. Most of the organizations that help these precious kids are quietly working behind the scenes  to provide safe homes and counseling to help restore their bodies and their souls.

And let’s not forget to keep our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. Someday he will return to earth to set things right. A time is coming when there will be no more death, crime, sickness, hunger or war. Nature will be redeemed and the lion will lay down with the lamb. There is always hope…let’s keep looking up and in the meantime do our best to give hope to others and we will find hope rising up in our own hearts.