This week our government announced it was forming a Disinformation Governance Board under the Department of Homeland Security. It was couched under the guise that it was being formed to protect the public from disinformation from foreign sources. Understandably people who are concerned about the government using this board against its own citizens are speaking out. The idea of it is truly Orwellian.

One has to ask themselves, “Do I want my government to be a sifter of information and then purvey what they believe to be acceptable information to the public?” Of course not. It is reminiscent of The Ministry of Truth in Orwell’s novel 1984 where the people in the ministry were constantly spreading propaganda to the public in an effort to have them believe the lies the government was disseminating to its citizens. This Disinformation Governance Board could easily become like Orwell’s Ministry of Truth.

Is this something new that is happening in our society? Hardly. Our society has been slipping into an Orwellian dystopia for many years. For example, the Ministry of Truth had a department where they rewrote history to fit with the current orthodoxy of the day. People were punished for speaking certain words and those words were taken out of the dictionary. By taking words out of the dictionary the government was trying to control the thoughts of the individuals in the society. Does our current “cancel culture” reflect any of that form of speech control? Do our “alternate history” teachers use a similar approach when teaching our students a history that reflects their orthodoxy?

When one looks at repressive totalitarian regimes around the world, there is always a pattern when it comes to “Disinformation.” One only has to look at the Nazis or the Stalinist regime of the former USSR. The government first comes for their political enemies. Next, the media is constrained to only spew government controlled information. The political dissidents are arrested next and finally the governments always come for the Christians and the Jews. It is a pattern seen over and over in countries like China, North Korea, Russia, and the former Nazi government of Germany.

Why do they always come for the Christians and the Jews in the end? Because they are the people who believe in liberty, free speech, and take a moral stance that is in direct conflict with totalitarian regimes. Do you think it can’t happen in the U.S.? Take a good hard look at what our government is proposing and then tell me why you don’t think it could happen here.