The Fear Factor

Do you remember a television program called “The Fear Factor?” The contestants faced graduated situations that challenged their fear. The winner was the person who could face his own fears and complete the most challenges.

Fear is a very real thing. Most people have faced it with one kind of fear or another. Fears can be irrational or based on very real situations. I remember being in an abusive relationship with a man. I was threatened, stalked, kidnapped off the street and unable to leave for years because of my fear of him. Oh yes, fear is a very real thing.

Growing up, I don’t remember having a lot of fears. Of course, I faced the usual kid fears. I remember being about five or six and watching an episode of “Sea Hunt” where Lloyd Bridges fought with sea snakes. Before I got in bed that night, I had to check under my covers and then the bed for sea snakes. Fortunately, I did not find any.

Other than that, I don’t remember a lot of fear. I loved to travel and try new situations. I loved to meet people and be in different environments. I had lots of hopes and dreams. After I got out of that abusive situation, I was left with a lot of fear. It was something I had to fight because I never knew if that man was coming for me. Day after day, I had to confront my fears. It was very difficult and the only reason I was able to overcome them was because of the Lord.

By becoming His child, I could rely on Him to take care of me. I had His word to rely on and I would find some verses, memorize them and meditate on them when I felt that fear. Some of my favorites are, “The Lord is my light and salvation; whom shall I fear. The Lord is the strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid?” Psalm 27: 1-2. I relied on the Lord and His word to get me through my days and especially my nights.

Since the pandemic, many have had to deal with crippling fears. I know people who wouldn’t leave their homes to go shopping. Some wouldn’t even go outside for a walk for weeks. Fear is a very real thing and if you are struggling with it, there is Someone who can give you peace and deliver you from your fear. His name is Jesus and He is just waiting to help you.

When you are in any situation where you are fearful, call out His name. He has conquered sin and death and reigns over hell and the grave. He can and will help you. Don’t live in a prison of fear. Call out to Him, He will be there for you!

Photo by Gerald Altman. Courtesy of Pixabay