Invisible Prison Cells

We can all agree that 2020 has been a year for the books. We have all been impacted by the lockdowns to one extent or another depending on the state we live in. For some who have lived in states with tighter rules, they have felt like they were living in prison within their own homes. 

There is a worse kind of prison than the lockdowns though. Many people live in invisible prison cells of their own making. Their prison cells confine them to a limited life. They may not even realize they are in prison because the cells and bars are invisible, but they are there nonetheless. Perhaps you are living in one at the moment.

Cell Block U is the largest cell block within this Prison System. Those who refuse to forgive someone or something that has offended them live here. Unforgiveness has affected most of us at one time or another and we were imprisoned until we were able to forgive those that offended us. Perhaps you are one who is living in Cell Block U at the moment.

Cell Block A is smaller but still has a significant population. Those who are angry all the time live here and their anger spills out on others as they pass by their cells. Much of their Anger may be related to Unforgiveness but until it is identified, they remain in this part of the prison system.

Same for those who live in Cell Block B. Bitterness reigns here and it repels those who come near those imprisoned by it. Their Bitterness may  also may be related to Unforgiveness but again, until it is identified, they remain in Cell Block B.

The Good News for all of us is that these cells are not locked, neither are the prison doors. We each can make a choice to let go of those negative emotions that are harming us and choose to live in freedom again. As we get ready to start the New Year, let’s take a look at our lives and where we are living. If we even have one toe in one of those cells, let’s get out. Let’s open those cell doors and refuse to live there any longer. We might not be able to change the Lockdown Rules that keep us imprisoned in our homes, but we can certainly change those things that keep us imprisoned in our lives. Let’s make a break for Freedom!

Image by Kalhh. Courtesy of Pixabay