The Conspiratron 5000


Within about a month of the Coronavirus hitting our shores, I began to get videos sent to me about it. Some were informative, some educational and some definitely were conspiratorial. As the months have dragged on, the conspiracy videos have definitely topped the list as far as the numbers go. So why are there so many conspiracy theories making the rounds?

For starters, since the world became aware of the virus, the general public has been lied to. We initially were lied to as to the genesis of the virus and about its human to human transmission. While those lies were being told, people traveled around the world spreading the virus from country to country. We have been lied to about the efficacy of masks and we have definitely been lied to about the numbers. We are still being lied to about the numbers. 

Economically, institutions were incentivized to lie about the numbers. If a person died from a car accident but tested positive for the virus, it was considered a Coronavirus death. Every death from a person who tested positive, whether they died from the virus or not, was counted as a death. What percentage did this inflate the numbers by? I do not know. I just know they were and possibly still are being inflated.

We are currently being lied to about the case numbers also. If you test positive for the virus, they do tracing and the people you have been in contact with are also counted as positive cases whether they have the virus or not. You have to look below the graphs to find the actual number of  positive cases. A person has to ask himself why are the officials doing this?

When the public is continually lied to and when the medical statistics and the science are being politicized, you have fertile ground for conspiracy theorists. So what can we do? 

We must watch and wait and see what happens. As each step takes place for our societies to reopen, we can keep an eye on our economies,  our banks, and our institutions. We do not have to jump to conclusions and live in a conspiratorial bubble. 

Make no mistake, I do believe that we are moving towards a one-world government and a cashless society. I do believe someday people will be required to have RFID chips in order to do business (it is already being tested in Sweden). Is that time now? Has all of this happened in order to move us closer to these predicted end-times scenarios? Has it all been planned? I don’t know. But until I do, I will hold on and try not to run all of these events through the Conspiratron 5000. I will take a few steps back, take a few deep breaths and try to objectively watch the trajectory of the virus and the governmental responses to it. Then, I will draw my own conclusions as to what is happening.

How about you? How are you dealing with all of the conspiracy theories being floated around? I would love to hear from you.