What Time Is It?



There are twenty-four different time zones on the earth. We each will have a different idea of what time it is based on the time zone we live in. We understand that is how we measure chronological time on the earth. Chronological time is not the only way we measure time though; there are many different units for measuring time. On one end of the spectrum  is Geologic time where we measure the age of the earth by eras and at the other end of the spectrum is Planck time, where we measure how long it takes for light to travel one Planck in a vacuum. 

Another completely different measurement of time is Prophetic Time. Prophetic Time is a Biblical measurement that measures the amount of time between when a particular prophecy is given and when that prophecy is fulfilled. For example, when Jesus came to earth the first time, His birth, life and death were a fulfillment of over one hundred Old Testament prophecies. Some of the prophecies had been written hundreds of years earlier, and yet, He uniquely fulfilled each one throughout his lifetime. The people living in those days literally saw prophecy fulfilled during their time on the earth.

Those of us living today might be living in another significant time of prophetic fulfillment.  There are dozens of prophecies that speak of the return of Christ to the earth, i.e. His Second Coming. Some of these prophecies were given over two millennia ago. The Bible speaks of a seven year period of time known as “The Tribulation” that takes place prior to His return. It also speaks of a “Time of Sorrows,” that proceeds those final seven years. This “Time of Sorrows” consists of earthquakes, famines, wars and rumors of wars, pestilences, death, inflation and false Christs.

So if someone were to ask me, “What time is it?” and they were referring to Biblical prophecy, I would answer them this way: From my vantage point, I believe we are pretty far down the road on the Prophetic Timeline. I would say that I believe we have entered into  the”Time of Sorrows.” Watching the earth deal with COVID19 on a world-wide scope has gotten my attention. Listening to the people from ID2020 explain how they want to give everyone living on the earth a digital implant has made me sit up and take notice.  Seeing governments put draconian measures on their populace has opened my eyes to how easy it is to fully control the world’s population.  These events show me how the next events on The Prophetic Timeline could soon come to pass. 

What do things look like from your vantage point? How would you answer if someone asked you where we were on the Prophetic Timeline?

Predictive Prophecy



Anyone who has gone through the University system has met many a professor who does not believe in a Supreme Being. They can be quick to denigrate the Bible and tell you that it is just an old ancient book that has no relevance in today’s society. When they say that, you may go back to your dorm room and look at your Bible and think, “Is that really true? Does it indeed not have any relevance for today?”

So what makes the Bible unique? What makes it different from any other book that has been written? How can it stand the test of time and still come out as a best-seller even in modern times? Why can we indeed depend on it as a source of truth and inspiration? Two words…predictive prophecy. The Bible claims to be the very words of God. What authenticates it and has authenticated it through centuries past? Predictive prophecy; that is what makes it different from any other source of wisdom and verifies the authority of its words.

What is predictive prophecy? Throughout the Bible, there are hundreds of prophecies about Jesus, Israel, the nations, and specific people. Hundreds of these prophecies have already been fulfilled accurately. They are so accurate in their fulfillment that they cannot be denied. For example, there are hundreds of prophecies about Jesus, the Messiah. During the course of his birth, life and death, he fulfilled over two hundred of them. The odds of that happening are astronomical, to say the least. We know that if these were fulfilled at his first coming, that the remaining prophecies will be fulfilled during his second coming and reign.

The nation Israel strayed from God and there were many prophecies predicting its judgment. Over and over, these prophecies were fulfilled. They were scattered among the nations and the prophecies concerning their regathering are happening right to this very day. Even the prophecy in Isaiah 66:8, “Can a nation be born in a day?” was accomplished on May 14, 1948. 

The ruler, Cyrus the Great, was named in the book of Isaiah one hundred and fifty years before he came into power. Is that some sort of coincidence? I don’t think so. In the book of Daniel, the eleventh chapter encompasses a brief history of the wars and ensuing intrigues between the Seleucids of Syria and the Ptolemies of Egypt. It is so accurate that historical scholars have a hard time believing it was written hundreds of years before the events took place.  

These are just a few of the examples of predictive prophecy in the Bible, there are many more within its pages, too numerous to count. One thing we can be sure of is this; if the previous prophecies were fulfilled, the future prophecies will be also. How could this happen? I believe that God sits outside of time and sees the end from the beginning. He inspired the prophets of old to write things that they themselves did not see or understand, things that would come to pass in the future. We can rely on the truth of the Bible, and know that its predictive prophecy is the proof of it.