A Wuhan Moment


For the past few weeks in Wuhan, it has been hard to get surgical masks. It didn’t matter how much money a person had, they were not to be found. The stores were empty of them and supplies were not getting in. It was a difficult situation to say the least. Somehow, a Christian missionary organization got ahold of some and began passing them out on the streets for free. They were also sharing the gospel and the love of Christ while they were giving them away.

It seems to me that these people had it right. I know it took courage for them to be out in public rather than cowering in fear at home like everybody else. Lest you think they were foolhardy, they did suit up and protect themselves while they were on the streets in the midst of the outbreak. We could learn a lot from them if we look at how they responded to the emergency.

First, they thought of others and how they could help their community. They didn’t get the masks and keep them for themselves. They willingly went out and made a difference. Second, they didn’t let fear stop them from what they needed to do.  It would have been easy to stay at home in a cocoon of self-protection but they didn’t.

We may all have to face “A Wuhan Moment” in the future. As more and more disasters strike and more diseases are loosed on society, we may have to make a decision as to how will we react. Will we react in fear and self-protection or will we trust in the Lord and reach out to those in need?

It’s not an idle question. Many are already preparing for doomsday scenarios and are stocking up food, water and medical supplies. When disaster strikes, are we going to trust in ourselves and only take care of our own or are we going to trust in the Lord and try to help those around us? 

Image by Gerd Altmann. Courtesy of Pixabay