Actions Without Consequences

In Math, one plus one equals two. You can count on it. But in life, it is not always that simple. When I watch what passes for entertainment, I am surprised that people’s actions rarely have real life consequences.

In the entire time I have been watching TV and movies, I believe that less than five times I have seen women get pregnant who are sleeping with other guys. It is a real rarity. We are supposed to believe that a woman can sleep with whoever she wants whenever she wants and there will not be any repercussions. Certainly in these situations one plus one can equal three, four or more.

When it comes to sexually transmitted diseases, real life statistics can go through the roof depending on where you live. I believe that possibly, and I mean possibly, I may have seen one show on TV where someone who had been sleeping around got an STD. Is is really true that a person can sleep around and not have to deal with an STD ever? In these cases one plus one can equal three, four or five also.

Those of us living in reality know that actions do have consequences. How many of us have had to face one or more of these situations? What about our friends? How many times do we know very young teenagers who have gotten pregnant or had to deal with an STD? These situations are heartbreaking because the consequences from some of this behavior can last a lifetime.

As parents, let’s teach our children well. Let’s not leave it up to the school or other kids to educate our children on the dangers of casual sex. There is nothing casual about sex, or at least there shouldn’t be, and these actions can scar our children for many years to come. When watching television or movies with our kids, let’s be quick to point out the absurdity portrayed that actions don’t have real life consequences.

Image courtesy of Pixabay.