A Cautionary Tale


The Dark Lord, Satan, sat on the highest mountain of the earth. He surveyed the kingdoms of this world and did not hear the normal din of everyday life. The earth  was eerily quiet; he could see death and destruction everywhere. It made him almost gleeful. He savored the feeling for a few moments and then turned to his most powerful demons. He smiled and with a smug look on his face said, “What do you have for me today?”

Fear spoke first, “We’ve got them on the run. The earth is filled with fear and they are worried. I believe I am accomplishing my finest work yet.”

The Dark Lord nodded, “I knew I could count on you in any crisis.”

“My business is down. The prostitutes and pimps are not on the street. and sex trafficking has slowed,” Lust whined.

“Not to worry,” the Dark Lord consoled. “You will back in business soon enough.”

“It’s been a bad few weeks for me. Everything I have built for people to worship is being knocked down,” Idolatry complained. 

“I’ve been going through a rough patch also. Kindness and Generosity have been rampant. I can’t seem to put a stop to it,” Selfishness chimed in.

“You think it’s been bad for you? I’ve had the roughest weeks yet. Thousands are turning back to The Father of Lights and His Son, Jesus,” Unbelief  said as he erupted in frustration.

The Dark Lord watched as his henchmen all started to talk at once; each one vying for his attention. He let them get their frustrations out and then he looked at each one. “My time is almost here. Those that won’t turn to the Father of Lights and His Son will be looking for a savior. I am almost ready to take my rightful place in the earth. I will be worshipped by millions and we will finally have our day. Take heart, it is coming soon.”

With that statement, the demons fell at his feet and groveled. They too had been waiting for his time. It was going to be their time also…a time of suffering and sorrow like the world had never seen.

“Soon,” the Dark Lord repeated.  He looked at each and every demon, “Now, get back to work. We must get the world ready for my appearing.”

Image by Leonardo DeCarvalho. Courtesy of Pixabay.