Bible Study


 Cover - Psalm One

Do you desire to study the Bible but the demands on your schedule make it seem impossible? Do you run from the moment your feet hit the ground in the morning until you go to bed at night? Psalm One for Women on the Run was written with you  in mind. Everything you need to complete this study is included in this book.

The study consists of six lessons divided into three or four sections. Each section takes approximately ten minutes to finish. Two personal application questions are at the end of each section. All scripture is included in the study.

Psalm One contains timeless truths that are applicable for today’s busy woman. This premier psalm contains the key to maximizing our life so that we may live a live of eternal value in a postmodern world. It helps us learn to separate the transitory from the lasting in a culture that pressures us to live for today.  Come join me as we study this Psalm together!

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